Crosswalk the Musical: Cinderella 

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It's been quite a drought, but James Corden has the Crosswalk Company back together for another production and this time he's invited his "Cinderella" co-stars Camila Cabello, Idina Menzel and Billy Porter (well, he "invited" Billy). Watch this modern twist on a classic tale performed in the crosswalk of Beverly Boulevard (and Amazon on Sept. 3!).

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2021.szept. 2.






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The Late Late Show with James Corden
New mantra for 2021: Bippity-boppity-bye-bitch! ✨
Ariel Jalova
Ariel Jalova 3 órája
So funny 😂
Hudson Jones
Hudson Jones 3 napja
Shut up
Sama Park
Sama Park 3 napja
We army hate you James💩💩💩
Jacko Hart
Jacko Hart 4 napja
Your a gronk mate
мρgιяℓz2020 | мєgαη
By bleepahhh
Gabriella Wing
How I appreciate this so much. Really put a smile on my face and day ❤️
Official Joslyn Sky
Hahaha billy “bibotty bopoty bop bitch “ 😆
Ariel Jalova
Ariel Jalova 3 órája
Billy Porter: You lonesome little ******🤬
Ariel Jalova
Ariel Jalova 3 órája
Billy Porter: Bippity Boppity Bye Bitch! Me: Lol 😂
Michael Gamas
Michael Gamas 8 órája
That's really fantastic 😅😅😅😅
k s
k s 13 órája
10:29 I came here for the meme ,now I know who was recording it 🤣
mimi kiki
mimi kiki 13 órája
Welcome back❣️❣️❣️😘 I’ve been waiting cross walk musical so long time✨✨✨
Evan Malone
Evan Malone 18 órája
I would've floored it
Landon Zimmerman
Landon Zimmerman 20 órája
Day 1 of asking James Corden to fight razzle, don’t keep them waiting
Ka Hay
Ka Hay 21 órája
10:35 He is! He uploaded on Tiktok or Instagram, I saw that!
Gamezinc 101
Hey james hutown.info/base/vide/kWWLjoCVd6rDqMU.html You ready for a fight?
Gamezinc 101
Gamezinc 101 20 órája
@Landon Zimmerman why of course my friend
Landon Zimmerman
Landon Zimmerman 20 órája
Another man of culture spreading the word I see
Edenia Royalty
Omg whos this guy!!!!!is sooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!
Based Man
Based Man Napja
Man, where are the mustang drivers at? Never thought id say this
YoutubeIs Anti1A
What disgusting narcissists. Too bad a man on the edge didn't shoot them all. Who the hell do they think they are??
Takashi Shihoin
They did Freddy Mercury and Janet Jackson dirty
Zachary Zschiegner
I would've simply kept driving
O.M 2 napja
Aww, The dresses were dancing.
O.M 2 napja
I love how Idina is not a dancer.
Gurkarn Singh
Gurkarn Singh 2 napja
10:29 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮
zainab Queen
zainab Queen 2 napja
James Corden has many dirty faces! We do not welcome you to our fan base Damn you We BTS taught us not to bully but you deserve it because it's the truth
hala hilal
hala hilal 12 órája
P o o p e r S c o o p e r ' 9 9
Razzle anyone?
P o o p e r S c o o p e r ' 9 9
@Landon Zimmerman More than wanting to have Osama killed.
Landon Zimmerman
Landon Zimmerman 20 órája
You also trying to get the fight to happen?
Andi Leigh
Andi Leigh 2 napja
Camilla isn't a great singer live...
Sofia Yered
Sofia Yered 2 napja
I love it!
bri’s channel
im here after camilla said in her “10 things she can’t live without” that she had no voice and could barely sing when she filmed this!! 😮
Ms. LBN 3 napja
I absolutely 💯 😍 it!!!
Mister Mango man
If I saw James Corden in public I’d call the police
spooky brad52
spooky brad52 3 napja
Razzle anyone
Claudia Abadia
I can watch this a hundred times and I am sure I will laugh every time… great job crew, Love you all
Jacob Buckner
Jacob Buckner 3 napja
Screw this
lukoedits 3 napja
what the fuck has the world come to man
Yeojachingu of Jimin
No more papa mochi
hala hilal
hala hilal 12 órája
Ugh ikr
Early Lyngdoh
Early Lyngdoh 3 napja
I love the movie
Noah Chi
Noah Chi 3 napja
Don't you just want to... **runs over them**
TrainStation Creations
If I were in LA I would be the person to just stay there and spam the crossing button.
Agnes Sze Han
Agnes Sze Han 3 napja
So fun! Hahahah
Nathan Geise
Nathan Geise 3 napja
10:28 What you're all probably here for
Local Loser
Local Loser 4 napja
Nah I'd run them over
Amber Waters
Amber Waters 4 napja
monochrome 4 napja
thanks, I hate it.
Tyler Stewart
Tyler Stewart 4 napja
I’m surprised no one’s run a red light just to hit Corden
Greebus Bleeb
@jey space not far enough
jey space
jey space 3 napja
Too far
Michael 4 napja
Amazing video
Thomas Wells
Thomas Wells 4 napja
5:37 if someone stopped me from going or coming home from work and thought they could touch my car like that. I'd be so pissed I'd just drive through the set.
Caleb Douglas
Caleb Douglas 4 napja
I feel sorry for anyone who actually wanted to cross the street and was accosted by an overweight British man in a rat costume thrusting his hips at a car
Caleb Douglas
Caleb Douglas 17 órája
@boorgar 10:28
boorgar 18 órája
Time stamp?
Takashi Shihoin
The actual owner of the car posted on TikTok
Userx bw
Userx bw 4 napja
Transvestites, really?
marjimmy 4 napja
When we tired with traffic , we need this 😂
Marie Anttoniete
En fin, cosas de primer mundo .
Razzle was right this is shit
Landon Zimmerman
Landon Zimmerman 20 órája
We gotta get the fight to happen
Marxx 4 napja
Luke, Nugget
Luke, Nugget 4 napja
Legit the exact same reason I’m watching this trash
วัชรพล ขุนสวัสดิ์รักษา
that's an amazing quality moment !!!! ❤️
disney girl
disney girl 4 napja
james is annoying
Rachel Green
Rachel Green 4 napja
At first, James dressed as Fairy Godmother looks more like Queen Elizabeth to me
Shemar Moorer
Shemar Moorer 4 napja
Can we talk about he fuck the shit out that car.
AustraLiam 4 napja
😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Thank you RAZZEL for bringing this clip to light!!!
Ricardo D Alvarado
10:30 I never felt like I wanted to hurt someone so much
Quack Napja
Thats the famous clip
Ricardo D Alvarado
🤣 all you hear GET THE FUCK OUT OF TGE WAY !!!!!
Moxxie's World
Luke, Nugget
Luke, Nugget 4 napja
allisonmofo 4 napja
Diego Beltran
Diego Beltran 4 napja
Razzle sent me here and did not disappoint. An investigation must be launched for this atrocity.
Dwiki Rahman
Dwiki Rahman 4 napja
james as the mother fairy
Martin Calvo
Martin Calvo 4 napja
Just came here from Razzle
BárbaraRAB 4 napja
If i saw james corden hip thrust my car i would hit the nearest tree voluntarily
Fuuka Friday
Fuuka Friday 4 napja
I'd step on the gas
10:20 is what you’ve been waiting for
Sara Hull
Sara Hull 5 napja
WhatHappened ToMyLife
I’m only watching this because of James Corden air thrusting towards a random person meme running around the internet.
John Ehle Fernandez
Much awaited
Official Squadrilogy
10:27 Wow this clip was taken way out of context. Also, It's not blocking traffic if it's during a red light. and they moved all the actors and props out of the way as soon as the light turned green. Not to mention the traffic doesn't seem that heavy. If it was as bad as people said it was, LA county would have fined them. I'm pretty sure what they did was 100% legal. Last but not least I saw the movie, despite the cringe I actually enjoyed it.
Olivia Davis
Olivia Davis 4 napja
@Chunk Berry LMAO
Chunk Berry
Chunk Berry 5 napja
Imagine you’re coming back from the shrink and this great big mouse fucker starts pulling that shit in front of me. Luckily they did not stop me, or he would’ve ended up with a 1998 Honda Accord front bumper shaped bruise in his legs and chest.
Alejandro Calderón Morales
Ew, Michelle...
Softi 5 napja
Way better than the actual movie 😂🥳
Joanna David
Joanna David 5 napja
is it just me or are people actully njoying this instead of honking james off
johndesign 5 napja
I survived COVID for this.....
Food I Decor I Fashion l Fun!
How easily some psycho could have ran them over…
Geni Card
Geni Card 5 napja
7:47 “Do Not drop Camila”😂😂😂
Alex Willett
Alex Willett 5 napja
whos here from Cody Ko lmao
ItsCheetoBoy 5 napja
James please stop my mothers in the hospital
Karina Gonzalez
So cool I love the movie it so good I love the songs
Sophia Wang
Sophia Wang 5 napja
Imagine being annoyed at Idina Menzel, James Corden, Billy Porter and Camila Cabello dancing and singing right in front of you
Lucas Jefferson
James Corden is always hilarious as always 😂😂😂
Clark Kent 😎✨
Porque quieres vivir en Estados Unidos Yo:
McKenzie Smith
They were missing the prince though
Tim Dietz
Tim Dietz 6 napja
gay af
This is tv in 2021 God help us
Ivanneth Suyin
Damn some of these people just wanna get to work
Ellie B
Ellie B 6 napja
this is staged right? like all the cars and drivers agreed to be held up in this right?
aoife jane
aoife jane 6 napja
America, he’s ur problem now
It's me Lavender♡
I would describe this as cringe,cool and fun
Calliope Noroski
The fact that he acted in the movie, as well as the musical, is a first and he did do a good job.
Samira Salim
Samira Salim 5 napja
@The Cloud Friends☁️🌈 we are everywhere
The Cloud Friends☁️🌈
ARMYs all aboard
Chaitanya Varada
From Abu to Cinderella's mouse, James always ends up bad...
Mz. Paula B.
Mz. Paula B. 6 napja
Love it!!!
Gautham Raj
Gautham Raj 6 napja
Cringe yuck
Maddisonedits 6 napja
10:33 remember seeing it through the phones perspective on tiktok hahah
Amy Nabe💙💚
James: "It's been a long 18 months..." All directioners: *in payne* 4:39
Natsu chan
Natsu chan 6 napja
Sorry I love crosswalk musical, but this just...... cringed 😕
Sadun Kavinda
Sadun Kavinda 6 napja
For a moment i forgot that James was in the trailer 😅
ladydora1999 6 napja
I loved every second of this !!!!
Slim Thickens
Slim Thickens 6 napja
はるな 6 napja
I really like this series and Cinderella!😂
rhi 6 napja
Why does the audio sounds differentf in this one compared to the other crosswalks 🤣
Duy Phuong Dao
11:11 LoL, That's so James Corden
PITER BI 7 napja
Estan hablando enserio ? Yo veo a camila cabello en un semaforo y de una salgo a saludarla sin pensarlo me vuelvo loco
Jennifer Lopez Carpool Karaoke