Dr. Phil on Vaccine Conspiracies: "Are You #$%@ing Kidding Me?" 

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James welcomes Dr. Phil to the show and immediately puts him to work answering a question from our writer Molly who is soon to be married and wondering how to keep things "spicy." Then after James asks him for his opinion on how American life has changed in the last 20 years, Dr. Phil shares some thoughts about folks who think the COVID-19 vaccine is some sort of vast conspiracy. Watch Dr. Phil's new show "House Calls with Dr. Phil" on Paramount+: www.cbs.com/shows/house-calls...

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F M Napja
Give me your money that other people cannot be poor
Donita Wells
But u don't apparently know the shit about the vaccine
Jake Aviator
Slowly the vaxssers will start to realise people missing in their lives and when it’s too late, they’ll realise they made a booboo.
Since when getting a vaccine for yourself protects others since vaccinated people still can catch covid and transmit to people around them. Does not make sense that "protect others" narrative.
tomas marny
It seems that someone believes that people who are vaccinated are not spreading the covid...
John Drake
John Drake Napja
Julius Jones murdered Paul Howell.
Ana 2 napja
Love the fact this guy hasn't a medical licence but preaches to the masses about vacines and he's talking to a head nodder about it. He's also not licenced to practice and was brought up on charges for practicing without a licence in 2008. His guests have to sign a form saying they're only recieving advice. Despite all this he's paraded around talk shows like he's an expert when he's really a talk show host like them. He's not even a licenced psychologist anymore. Surely it's time to get in people more up to date than someone who got his degree in 1979 🤷
Laughter Talks
I will not take the vaccine. All doctors who make money on big pharma want you to take endless covid shots.
Brenda Bryant
Brenda Bryant 4 napja
You are like the other, full of it. You don't care , all about money
J D 4 napja
that was pornography when we were growing up, so true man. and i'm younger than dr.phil.
joey labranche
Antivax are just stupid people who should stop watching science fiction movies lol
Esmo 5 napja
Why lying, even who got vaccinated can still transmit the virus.
Spurgeon Barfield
Bought and payed for by Hollywood! You're either uninformed or you're a sell out, Dr. Phil..... What a shame!
milada bravenec
Jarrod Napper
Jarrod Napper 6 napja
What’s Dr Phil’s nickname again… oh yeah “mudguard” shiny on top and shit underneath.
Lisa Waterhouse
When extreme wealth meets extreme ego, you end up with plastic everything...including balls. No respect for either of you.
Gerb McNuggets
Two disingenuous hacks tolerate each other. - a future dystopian description of this clip.
Yves Delage
Yves Delage 8 napja
I know why there are anti-vaxers. They couldn't go to school because they werent vaccinated so they are ignorant.
DRU 8 napja
"Vaccine conspiracies" ? ...what a bunch of 🐑 🐑 🐑🐑
David Angeletti
Sorry Dr. Phil, you lost any credibility you had when you hardcore supported Donald Trump
Tony Smith
Tony Smith 9 napja
Medical Terrorism has now hit America
Caitlin Rose
Caitlin Rose 9 napja
The tracking device thing is so dumb. You think they can’t track you from your phones? So stupid 🤣
Morena G.
Morena G. Napja
Right…I’m still trying to figure out how teeny tiny the tracking device would have to be lol for one & then the other how it would even go through the syringe? I mean really do people not think of that? Or am I missing something?!🤷🏻‍♀️
Jeremi King
Jeremi King 4 napja
Either way, we shouldn’t trust anything they do. It sounds dumb but you just admitted that they are tracking us. You trust people that track your phone with your body???
TANYA RALPH 10 napja
What about the turn about ranch abuse and murder?????
Holly Chandler
tell me more please ;)
Jacqueline McGarvie
As a woman in my mid-30s, I can’t imagine what it must be like for a kid living in the age of social media. What Dr Phil talks about with regards to cyber bullying and social media posts coming back to haunt you is so true!
Mika Jen
Mika Jen 9 napja
I think if you're in your mid-30s, you can relate in some way to kids now. There were more chat forums and platforms like Myspace and Sconex. I'm in my 30s and I had access to those as a kid. Cyber bullying has been around since the days of AOL chat (at least). But the difference is that now, the people who have influence are finally learning that it isn't as simple as turning off the computer. I think things are worse now in that kids aren't being taught what not to put online and they're given too much broad access to sites that aren't healthy for them.
dragonoyxd 10 napja
I bet Dr Phil keep things spicy by wearing wigs
merry hunt
merry hunt 10 napja
It is so nice to hear the words of an honest man who cares about people.
Clare Bear
Clare Bear 10 napja
Wake up! He doesn’t care about you.🙄 He is satanic.
goat253t 10 napja
imagined dr phil walks in on you watching this episode
Asdf jkl:
Asdf jkl: 11 napja
From the looks of it, a big thumbs down for this guest, Dr. Phil, from the majority of Club Corden members.
fred james
fred james 11 napja
In due course, anti vaxers will know the wrath of natural selection
Jake Aviator
You’re funny
Sansi Aray
Sansi Aray 12 napja
Everyone i kno who has taken the vaccine has felt like shit ever since. Nurses & airline stewards are refusing to take it. I already have heart problems, autoimmune disease, & no energy...so no thank u. I hardly have any exposure to other people so playing it safe for myself & others
Christ Follow
Christ Follow 12 napja
Short reminder: . "Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord." Acts 3:19 KJV . "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness" 1. John 1:9 KJV . "That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved" Romans 10:9 KJV . Our HEAVENLY FATHER bless you in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST
Amy Slack
Amy Slack 10 napja
“When you pray, you shall not be as the hypocrites, for they love to stand and pray in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men. Truly I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you pray, go into your room and shut the door and pray to your father who is in secret. And your father who sees in secret will reward you.” Matthew 6:5-6
Maria Baumgartel
Anyone else bothered by Dr. Phil‘s comment on how his satisfaction in bed is his wife‘s responsibility?
Wootia Tutci
Wootia Tutci 11 napja
That’s not what he said. On contrary, he praised her.
D 137
D 137 12 napja
This man has met the weirdest people him and Jerry springer
Stephanie Olds
Stephanie Olds 12 napja
So Dr Phil didn't get divorced???. I'm confused 🤔
DEL 13 napja
I see that all real comments have been ghosted.
Tatiana G.K.
Tatiana G.K. 13 napja
so now some random "psychologist" who got famous, with the help of a fling with Oprah, knows best what corona is all about, really??? When was the last time he really treated a patient without television? I expected more from James Corden, but I guess money is obviously more important.
Joe Hoffman
Joe Hoffman 13 napja
Okay Dr. Phil nice emotional manipulation. If the vaccine works why does it matter if I take it or not?
Frog Love
Frog Love 13 napja
Wasn't Dr. Phil anti mask or anti vaccine or something. He was backing up Trump and his stupidity for a while.
Susanne T.
Susanne T. 10 napja
Yes and now he’s pro vaccine ?! and talking about support and protecting others 🤷🏻‍♀️
Rick Hawkins
Rick Hawkins 13 napja
Speaking as a Canadian I think the government should mandate it, just like every other vaccine you need to enter school. Lets call this what it is an epidemic of the unvaccinated your personal freedoms and choice end when they endanger my grandchildren who can't be vaccinated not to mention others who have a weak immune system due to cancer or what have you. We all have to bare the cost of the vaccine but should we also have to pay for ICU beds for for something that is completely preventable. I think if you are unwilling to get the vaccine your health insurance should cost more.. The hospitals are full of the unvaccinated. But will still have car accidents and heart attacks, those people who die because of this also died of corvid because of selfish and ignorant people.
Rick Hawkins
Rick Hawkins 13 napja
@R T If everyone was vaccinated who would you catch it from?
R T 13 napja
The cdc says vaccinated people still spread it. The ONLY reason why to take it is so you won't have as severe reaction. Get educated before writing stuff like this online. You'll still spread it to the vulnerable.
Ron C
Ron C 13 napja
Lol. Wow. People who actually believes in these theories are just asking to be infected. They are also being greedy and taking up ICU beds that would be reserved for other life threatening illnesses. Shouldn't it be the other way around?
Ann G
Ann G 13 napja
You know, James, before covid I thought you were pretty cool. But you’ve just become another woke celebrity who thinks that the world really gives a shit what your political views are. Who cares if Dr Phil thinks people should get a vaccine? Seriously. He’s promoting his new season, he’s going to say whatever he needs to say to get ratings just like you ALL do. Go back to REAL comedy. Stop compromising your integrity by following the democratic platform.
Lulzswag 13 napja
This is why you never post your actual picture on social media and ALWAYS use an alias. And to get around the "ID verified" status for most social media apps you can go ahead and verify using your real ID but tell them that your ex is harassing and stalking you and/or your family and they will ID verify you under the alias name.
donna reed
donna reed 13 napja
I really don't get all the negativity? Don't watch, and don't bother to leave your snide, ignorant, rude comments.
Nancy Peden Living-Co-creatively
Not impressed. Narcissist.
Jedii Kniight
Jedii Kniight 14 napja
"Dr" lmao he's no doctor
jem 14 napja
didn't they just say getting the vaccine doesn't protect other ppl but just you from going to the hospital?
it's raining cats and dogs
@M Alonso no they all have the same amount of virus in their mouth area. The vaccine is in your blood.
M Alonso
M Alonso 12 napja
People with the vaccine have been shown to have a lower viral load if infected, so are less likely to spread it than someone who is not vaccinated / has a higher viral load. So it does protect others, to a certain extent.
Rick Kwitkoski
Rick Kwitkoski 12 napja
@D Don't confuse the numpties. They won't unnerstan a thang yew jest Saeed!
Douby100 13 napja
I don't think they "just" said it. The misinformation about the vaccine and lack of clarity for the general public has blown my mind. The vaccine doesn't stop you catching it, it minimizes the chance of being hospitalized IF or WHEN you catch it. It doesn't mean you neutralize it so you can't still spread it......
S D 14 napja
...and now Israel, the most vaccinated country on Earth, has the world’s highest rolling weekly average of new Covid cases. Isn't that interesting? TYRANNY: Members of Congress and their staff are EXEMPT from Biden's federal vaccine mandate.
Matt4632 14 napja
People that Don't get the vaccine are NO threat to those that do so what's the problem????
Matt4632 14 napja
@Jane Ryan Well that's not what Old Joe said yesterday
Jane Ryan
Jane Ryan 14 napja
Yes, they are. The virus is still spreading and mutating because of those people... Plus they're wasting health care resources.
not fooled
not fooled 14 napja
i think dr phil needs to be demeaned on national television, accosted by a group of men much larger than him, hauled off to a jail for more verbal abuse and threats, and then sent off to a camp far away from any support he may have to be retrained.
Michael Vigorito
Wasn't doctor Phil one of the great minds saying this was just like the flu and more people died by drowning every year during the beginning of the pandemic.
Jane Ryan
Jane Ryan 14 napja
But it's good that he's realized he was wrong? There are people STILL downplaying the pandemic. Him encouraging everyone to take the pandemic seriously and get vaccinated is great. I'll take this win.
Walter Woods
Walter Woods 14 napja
Great comedy value, but a real doctor wouldn’t belittle their patients for their beliefs or dismiss the holistic side of medicine when treating people.
If the vaccine was so effective you wouldn't need constant booster shots every 3 months.
Penelope Collett
@Jane Ryan every year a new flu vaccine is developed to protect against the 3 or 4 viruses that will emerge in a given year. Many scientists think covid will be treated in the same way.
Penelope Collett
@it's raining cats and dogs Control groups are not told who has a placebo and who doesn't. Recognised control groups are tracked for only a few months then the results are published.
Jane Ryan
Jane Ryan 7 napja
@Ann G Flu vaccine decreases in efficacy every year…
it's raining cats and dogs
I need to stay unvaccinated because I am Part of the control group. I suffer from this fate for the greater good!
Stephen Craig
Stephen Craig 12 napja
@ArrowsInTheDark9898 those reports and those doctors are debunked. Even Doctors can be misled or attention seekers. There is now mass data on innoculations showing the dangers to be minuscule. Mass vaccinations will stop the pandemic. First World countries need to stop the virus before 2nd and 3rd world countries suffer even more. It's a pandemic and like a war some measures must be taken. I know some people are genuinely frightened which is why peer researched studies are so important not internet rumours spread by people who cherrypick statistics in order to further their own agenda of anti authorisation.
Lorrie 14 napja
I hate this self-righteous self-help guru. I curse Oprah for bringing him to the status of super star. But they are both unbelievably rich, so it's all good m
Dinah Wilson
Dinah Wilson 14 napja
Can we please hold “Dr” Phil accountable for his involvement with sending children to torture camps? He deserves no congratulations. He deserves prison. Also, he let his license expire in 2008. He can’t legally practice medicine.
Amy Slack
Amy Slack 10 napja
Thank you for bringing that up. I was just going to mention it. Doctor Phil is a corrupt con man who took money from this camp that abused children. He knew about the abuse and didn’t speak up. And, as mentioned here, he is no longer a doctor.
Deathmare 12 napja
I was thinking the ranch seems like a gulag but no one was complaining about it
seks1978 14 napja
Absolutely lost my sh#t when Dr. Phil showed up claiming that he had to do his own makeup because of the pandemic! Respect where respect is due- I needed a laugh and he delivered!
M G 14 napja
Our Fuhrer Biden knows what is best for you. Obey and shut up.
PieWieBeatz 14 napja
This charlatan still has a platform? And people still watch and listen to this charlatan?
Jasper Halsey
Jasper Halsey 14 napja
This is not Chess its Checkers
Masud Hoghughi
Masud Hoghughi 14 napja
I have not been vaccinated myself, but this is not because I believe in conspiracy theories - I'm sure the vaccines are on the whole quite safe.............I also bought 2 shares in Moderna which have more than doubled in price
Lorna dela Cruz
Lorna dela Cruz 14 napja
Dr. Phil is a hypocrite. He wont take the vaccine.
Jane Ryan
Jane Ryan 12 napja
@Lorna dela Cruz Are you a troll? The “elites” were clobbering over each other to get vaccinated.
Lorna dela Cruz
Lorna dela Cruz 14 napja
@Jane Ryan That what he says. He's a liar and a hypocrite. Guaranteed all the elites are taking shots of saline solution and saying they got vaccinated.
Jane Ryan
Jane Ryan 14 napja
He just said he was vaccinated.
"Do the math" Im over here like 375lbs+400lbs=775lbs o wait that's not the math your looking for.
Gary Pranzo
Gary Pranzo 14 napja
When the guy who spends an entire career handing out common sense to stupid people and children has to be the one to try and talk sense to anti-vaxxers. Sadly I think he met his match as Covid Anti Vaxxers are next-level stupid.
Trish Keller
Trish Keller 14 napja
This is checkers, not chess.
Ric Neece
Ric Neece 14 napja
If you take advice from Doctor Fool you get what you deserve.
Bizkit N Gravy
Bizkit N Gravy 14 napja
When he's says "she's got that spirit".... Pretty sure he means anal
maaz322 14 napja
Dr Phil needs to cut the BS perfect relationship act, we all know he sleeps with a different woman (or girl) every night. These celebrities hide behind facades.
Georgette Orwell
Hey “Dr. Phil” you have a degree or two. Surely you know how to research medical data. The vaccinated are the ones being hospitalized. Natural immunity (see the Israeli study) is more protective than this experimental mRNA shot. I refuse to call it a “vaccine” because it’s not a vaccine. Come on, people. Phil, NBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, MSNBC…. Are ALL funded by big pharma. No conflict of interest there! Nah. Wake up, America. Your life depends on it.
Joseph 14 napja
ChefGiovanni 14 napja
Simple Math ! Get the Covid #vax and live longer.
Danny L
Danny L 14 napja
Interesting claims by the Dr. regarding impacts of social media. So, why not empirical research?? Love vaccine material :)
joe fran
joe fran 14 napja
Globalist puppets, nothing to see here!
PBEA 14 napja
Why did the caption people put their opinion of Dr. Phil in the middle of his speech? They say they think that his show is "canned." Is that supposed to be funny, or tacky? I think Dr. Phil deserves respect for all the people he has helped.
Kitty Kelly
Kitty Kelly 14 napja
It’s none of his business what other people do.
Arby Harutunyan
Arby Harutunyan 14 napja
Another paid celebrity brainwashing society.
robotron17 14 napja
7:38 Apparently this DMF doesn't know that the vax doesn't stop transmission. Are you *#& kidding me? How do you not know this, "Dr." Phil?
fitztastico 15 napja
Nazred Nsr
Nazred Nsr 15 napja
Patrick 15 napja
I just read show clickbait on yahoo where it say dr Phil responds to those who don’t want to get vaccinated. So i thought let’s see what a rational person is say. Then I get into the article and the only comment he makes is people saying they are afraid of a “tracker” being placed in them. What a load of garbage. It’s like the abortion debate where they use the incest comment as the norm. The MAJORITY of the people are not getting the vaccine because of defensible positions. Either it’s government overreach, limited testing (let’s face it - not a normal testing cycle) or because of other health concerns. Then again, he is a “Dr”. And for those of you who want to make negative comments toward me - I got the vaccine right way.
Toby Wan Keen oh Bees
90% of the people dying are unvaccinated so hopefully there won't be enough GOP voters
Ann G
Ann G 13 napja
See you should really do your own research… conservatives are NOT anti-vaxers, they are anti-government-forcing-people-to-do-what-they-want. Don’t be a sheep!
Toby Wan Keen oh Bees
I think James died a little on the inside when the Dr said "we" grew up with 3 channels cause James must've had at least 12
bon bon
bon bon 6 napja
@jester 1two I was born in Canada and we only had 2 channels until we got cable in 1984
Toby Wan Keen oh Bees
@jester 1two wholesome 🤗♥️
jester 1two
jester 1two 10 napja
Well I'm 64 in the UK there were 3 channels. We moved to Canada in 1965 and there were 13 channels on the TV. Saturday morning TV for kids was great in the 60s.
JootjeJ 13 napja
James grew up in the UK. I'm fairly sure there were only either 3 or 4 channels, depending on how old he is.
bon bon
bon bon 13 napja
Im the same age as James and I remember just having two channels
Toby Wan Keen oh Bees
Dr Phil took the biggest dig at Cuckolding I've ever seen 😭🤣
Zeta Male
Zeta Male 15 napja
Don't care what Dr. Phil says. My body my choice (Not yours Phil).
cielo cielo
cielo cielo 13 napja
@Zeta Male 3000 babies killed every day in the US, 10000 on Saturday. That's like a 911 every single day! And these fools have the nerve to whine about the plandemic.
cielo cielo
cielo cielo 13 napja
@Geralt Rivia How dare you! Don't you know MEN can get pregnant too? lol
Lynne Bucher
Lynne Bucher 14 napja
Well I hope you're isolating from other people so you don't spread your (eventual) disease. Because it is not a question of "if", it is a question of "when" you catch it.
Lynne Bucher
Lynne Bucher 14 napja
@Zeta Male What are you, 15 years old?
Geralt Rivia
Geralt Rivia 14 napja
@Zeta Male Abortions aren't contagious. Why co-opt a women's rights movement's slogan? Aren't you enough of a 'critical thinker' to come up with your own?
JuJu New
JuJu New 15 napja
Not a fan of Dr Phil. Love the rest of you tho.
Francis L
Francis L 15 napja
I have to Unsub now. So Sad you chose to have him on the show.
Rickey M.
Rickey M. 15 napja
Marie Mulkey
Marie Mulkey 15 napja
Been watching Phil for over 20 years and he’s always proven to be right about everything! It helped me so much on my road to recovery that after 10 years of watching him, I didn’t need to watch him anymore because I had it! Now incorporating it into my life was complicated, no doubt but it gave me a great base to build on. Love me some Phil!!
I thought that too he was like god to me untill i found out he was sending kids to be abused and deny that there was a murder at turn about ranch when it was on the news and his discusting responce to bhad bhaby he said but we dont have anything to do with turn about ranch ..thats between the ranch and the parents ..... but he is the ones who sent kids there and still sends kids today ... i am outraged and discusted with dr phil now
47 15 napja
Started off talking facts then u can see him switch it up the way he sipped that coffee
Turbojonny5 13 napja
Not a poker player
Mister GGG
Mister GGG 15 napja
Dr. Phil is such an ace hole. Now this is misinformation. disgusting. You know damn well why people are not taking these experimental death drugs and it has nothing to do with tracking devices. What a pathetic tool.
Truth Seeker
Truth Seeker 15 napja
More like damnation
Bob Silver
Bob Silver 15 napja
What is in these covid vaccines? Why are they not telling the ingredients?
Maija Haavisto
Maija Haavisto 12 napja
The ingredients of all vaccines are listed in the package insert (which is also available online), just like with all medications. So I'm afraid your question makes no sense.
Im Right U’re Wrong
This is the most sense he has ever spoken
Ken Cramer
Ken Cramer 15 napja
How many on here would actually get the Vaccine just because Dr.Phil said to ? The idiotic person in the White House is begging Americans to do something to our bodies that we do agree with. Telling people they are killing people around them by not getting vaccinated is like saying all of the holdouts are Republicans. That’s so stupid of a statement to make. I know a lot of Democrat supporters that won’t get the jab. Mandating people and companies to force the vaccine into their bodies at the same time they file a lawsuit against Texas on the abortion bill that women say it’s their body’s their choice and it’s not the government’s body so it should be a choice period.
YE O 15 napja
Dr. Opinion. The clown strikes again
Jennie Kreiner
Jennie Kreiner 15 napja
I was attacked for getting my children (14 twins) the vaccine, it was painful to have someone say I put politics before the health of my children. It was a spot this person knew would hurt, we are broken now, I don't know if I will ever trust her again. 95% of all doctors got this vaccine and then gave it to their children. That was good for me, they have gone to school a lot longer than me, they have studied this shit. And I damn sure am going to go with the 95 and not the doc who thinks ghost and aliens are having sex with us at night.
cielo cielo
cielo cielo 15 napja
I wonder how much Dr. Goof got for promoting gene therapy? Can you blame people for not believing the Government, Big Pharma, or the Corp Media? Sleepy Joe just exposed how EVIL they really are.
tc1uscg 15 napja
Dr Phil may have slept through the part where it's a SCIENTIFIC fact, the vax DOES NOT stop you from getting the virus and it definitely does not stop someone who's been vax'd from infecting someone else. And no one called him out on that? Lost all credibility on that one remark. Sorry, Dr.. I've always liked your show when it was hard to find Jerry Springer episodes. Side note: Yes, I'm vax'd. It wasn't to "protect" those around me, I wear a mask for that when I'm around people (I'm in IT and have direct face-to-face contact with people all day). But it's so if I do get sick, I want to TRY and stay out of the hospital and I want to collect some of all that money I've been giving the govt for SocialSecurity (one more year and time to withdrawal). But I don't think any less of those who CHOSE not to get the shot, however, I don't feel pity when they have to go into the hospital either, again, it's THEIR WISHES.
Jennie Kreiner
Jennie Kreiner 15 napja
45 that is so great, my hubby and I just had our 27 in July
Lynda Weister
Lynda Weister 12 napja
J.Konadu Fokuo
J.Konadu Fokuo 15 napja
Ooh Corden in that suit is owning the entire WORLD!
gusgiesel 15 napja
7:04 This is where the common sense begins. But I guess some people will still argue with facts... welcome to America.
Des Tree
Des Tree 15 napja
"Doctor" Phil... the person who claims car accident and cigarette fatalities are on the same level as a contagious virus that has caused the world the upend. Maybe you should have Dr. Dre on next time to explain the 3 different tests used to screen for it FFS
Jane Ryan
Jane Ryan 14 napja
But it's good that he's realized he was wrong? There are people STILL downplaying the pandemic. Him encouraging everyone to take the pandemic seriously and get vaccinated is great. I'll take this win.
Geralt Rivia
Geralt Rivia 14 napja
@Gcool243 I found your second sentence hard to understand.
Gcool243 14 napja
You do realize that getting a scholastic doctorate means he is a doctor, even if he doesn’t practice. Is why people find that so hard to understand. Bitch
Little Pine Weasel
Kary Mullis - PCR & Covid-19 test inventor on the scientific method: hutown.info/base/vide/mH58yayfg4TOqMk.html Event 201 - Pandemic simulation which happened on Oct. 18, 2019, just before the first outbreaks that began in Wuhan, China: hutown.info/base/vide/maifrqOaiKnXYKM.html World Economic Forum's The Great Reset: hutown.info/base/vide/t3mGzKCWl5XJZ8U.html
Geoffrey Feinberg
Can't believe he's 71! Who remembers his cameo in Scary movie 4 with Shaq in a parody of Saw.
Payton 15 napja
"Doctor" Phil is more like a comedian than he is a doctor.
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