Have Hard Seltzers Gone Too Far? 

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James kicks off the show wishing everyone a happy Rosh Hashanah and hopes we can have anything but a miserable year ahead. And news about fall-inspired flavors of hard seltzers leads to CBS Senior Vice President of Late Night Programming (West Coast) Nick Bernstein sharing why he's not much of a drinker. And a headline about a swallowed cell phone leaves the room with some tough questions about how that phone got in there.

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2021.szept. 7.






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D.E.B. B
D.E.B. B 5 napja
I'm pan-denominational. I celebrate every religion's holidays. Currently, I only have to work 26 days out of the year. I'm still trying to find holidays for those 26, so I don't have to go to work at all.
Linda Ward
Linda Ward 5 napja
Er, James, it's not exactly correct to wish a happy Rosh Hashanah. lt being a time for atonement, it's inappropriate. l'm not sure why Ian didn't tell you, he's Jewish, l'm not. I love the kinetic energy of the show. l know you need an audience so...but l will mourn the current format, it's fun. ☮
Harry Cooke
Harry Cooke 5 napja
LOL that's not out physics worse and he probably swallowed it because he was trying to avoid people seeing the numbers he was doing drug deals with I've almost done it before
JC 10 napja
Come on james we know thats not how you say Nokia 😂
T. K.
T. K. 11 napja
99% of the Bud Light Seltzers sales will be to people who need to satisfy their morbid curiosity, are drinking it as part of a bet, or are too drunk to know better.
Leightnite! 12 napja
Take Nick's mask please...we need his face! I mean, he's essentially a featured player now, so.....what gives? This is actually bugging me🤨
Irene Harnack
Irene Harnack 12 napja
I still prefer New York Seltzer!
Vail Ryan
Vail Ryan 13 napja
It would get stuck in a different place if he stuck it up his ass.
micke holm
micke holm 13 napja
you got to love susan...
Cita 14 napja
Maybe he swallowed his phone because his mistress was calling him and and he didn’t want his wife to find out.
Al Pereira
Al Pereira 14 napja
LIttle White boy in the US try to make a name for itself
Balaka 14 napja
I have a huge Crush on Nick 😁😁
GerriRose 14 napja
Love this show. It ALWAYS makes me laugh, and that always makes me feel better. And Nick, oh my - what a good sport! LOL! And Nick, oh my - what a good sport! LOL! If they can figure out how to package and then sell it as medicine - they'd be multi-millionaires.
DJ C 14 napja
Ian is cute af….chubby or slimmed.😘
Aanya Singh 👶💛
Dear Mr. James Cordon, Petetion for you to kidnap 5 liars who told us that they'll be back soon and have no idea how much time 18 months is. We kindly request you to bring them back together ASAP because promises are not meant to be broken. Sincerely, Every fookin' directioner
Lynn Gold
Lynn Gold 14 napja
The phone was in the thoracic cavity!
alison groves
alison groves 15 napja
what about the new craze VODKA WATER, the freakin worse. who cares if its raspberry lime.
Deborah Dhanaraj
We missed Susan
Val F
Val F 15 napja
SUSAAAAAANNN We missed you
Game Screen
Game Screen 15 napja
And No One Thought To Refer to It As A Butt Call ?????
Val Narehood
Val Narehood 16 napja
When James dropped the Nokia phone "joke", I literally shouted, "Where is SUSAN??!"
Peter Bathum
Peter Bathum 16 napja
graphic was fine btw ... thanks for your time. always enjoy it.
Ethan Reish
Ethan Reish 16 napja
Happy Rosh Hashanah to you too! Thank you for including us💚
Jane Glenn
Jane Glenn 16 napja
I think there was more to Nick's story as to why he doesn't drink and he back -pedaled. My guess is he's a barfer.
Prokid93 16 napja
Piotr Dworowy
Piotr Dworowy 16 napja
If Biden was upright- then yes,he would design just after the election.🤮 But he is not,he is just simple fraud.🤮
a.musicandcolor 16 napja
susan this time ;)
nav man
nav man 16 napja
I see Nicky B in the thumbnail and i click. It’s that simple.
Dawn Di Egidio
Dawn Di Egidio 16 napja
When did they switch the studio? Wasn't the band on his left and his side-kick on his right?
James W
James W 16 napja
I came for the jockey. Where the jockey at?
Al B
Al B 16 napja
Nick vastly improves the show ...
vlonjate80 16 napja
I read that someone who was in prison swallowed the phone.
Tahtahme's Diary
Drinking is just empty calories, he’s right about that.
Tahtahme's Diary
Pete just doing fins up is my favorite thing ever lmao
Tahtahme's Diary
Hard Seltzer SUCKS. Thanks for wasting my money with LIES everyone! Canned cocktails are better. Give me a canned Moscow Mule or Margarita over a stupid Seltzer please!
Brandon Davidson
New Jersey: "Biden should resign! 凸ಠ益ಠ)凸" Biden: "Alright, I guess you guys are ready for President Kamala.ヽ(⌐■_■)ノ"
Ron C
Ron C 16 napja
Consuming alcohol is probably like drinking Kombucha because most will taste the same, no matter what's it called, minus the alcohol.
Max Demarest
Max Demarest 16 napja
Pls do carpool karaoke with Olivia rodrigo
Are you ready to explore Vietnam's Danang culinary tourism with NOITHANGFUNNY channel? Thanks view
Peacemaker 4 Real
nick roxxx
maryhazlett 16 napja
Nick, I drink occasionally, but, I prefer to chew my calories. More satisfying!
Julie Lala
Julie Lala 16 napja
Leave the deserts alone. :(
Julie Lala
Julie Lala 16 napja
Alcohol is poison. Good job, nick.
voltjsl 16 napja
I’m sorry, I love James Corden, but he needs new writers. This material is just awful.
David Allen
David Allen 16 napja
The desert is an extremely fragile ecosystem. There are ruts from the wheels of wagon trains that are over one hundred and fifty years old in the desert where, to this day, nothing can grow. Just a group of tourists on foot can cause damage that takes years to heal. There is no such thing as eco-friendly construction in the deserts of the American Southwest.
David 17 napja
Nick needs to tell us why he doesn’t drink, dressed like a jockey, holding a broomstick horse.
Anna Bliss
Anna Bliss 17 napja
we just had our first baby! started labor with Corden and crew and yall are our first show as a family!
Bec W
Bec W 17 napja
James, when wearing that suit, you should not criticize any other person's choices.
Claire Kaplan
Claire Kaplan 17 napja
Imagine how angry those Trump folks would be if Biden actually resigned and left Kamal in charge heheh Also, drunk Steve is a goddamn genius.
Mat Jaggard
Mat Jaggard 17 napja
What on earth is a seltzer?? (Also, when did James forget how to pronounce Nokia?)
Sandy Trunks
Sandy Trunks 17 napja
I've made my mind up. James should SHAVE before he goes on camera. 👍
Mary Donohoe
Mary Donohoe 17 napja
Hey! Whatever happened to the Late Late Show cruise???
Tyler Peacock
Tyler Peacock 17 napja
New Jersey: “RESIGN!!” Biden: “hocus pocus, say goodbye to POTUS”
Ichijo Festival
Ichijo Festival 17 napja
Not even political. It's just a tailored version of the standard NJ greeting of "Up yours." The standard NJ response: "That's what I said to your mother last night."
mildred 17 napja
Nick please where is the jockey uniform?! we love you but we also need to see you in that uniform. It will make our lives soooooo much better. lol
L G 17 napja
I don’t like a bitter seltzer.
This show's dynamic between crew/staff is unparalleled and I am HERE for it!! 😁
Mickey McGalliard
Love Nick’s laughter
Mickey McGalliard
Don’t see that jockey uniform yet!
e1234 17 napja
Does anybody actually like James? Such evil energy, and boring, and corny.
Nathan Lehn
Nathan Lehn 17 napja
The real house wives one.. sheesh. Bad. James is right
Nathan Lehn
Nathan Lehn 17 napja
Perfect news intro
Nathan Lehn
Nathan Lehn 17 napja
Susan: “that’s dumb” “got it” Basically
Bartleby Jonze
Bartleby Jonze 17 napja
Gave you a good shot during the pandemic but realized dont like you James and really don't like that producer you keep on set. Bye!
Alison Scurr
Alison Scurr 17 napja
James, you have been in America too long judging by the way you pronounced Nokia.
Elin Lilleman Eriksson
Am I the only one who thinks it’s widely annoying that they SWOPPED the position of the band and Ian? Like whyyyyyy
Ade R
Ade R 17 napja
I'm still laughing about Petes tag 😂 Super glad James made it evident that Nick loves to share and get that sweet sweet attention lol. The whole phone bit kept me laughing way after the micro chips thing 😂
Hadar mayo
Hadar mayo 17 napja
כן כן ראש השנה שמח גם לך ג׳יימס
Steve Frink
Steve Frink 17 napja
He didn't swallow the phone, or the other thing, I'm pretty sure the guy in the car behind him put it there either way.
Salauddin Mustafa
What's your favourite curry Nick?
Tamu Gray
Tamu Gray 17 napja
was that phone worth the calories?
Lara 17 napja
The guy with the cellphone was a prisoner! But I liked James version as well xD
Okin Nivlek
Okin Nivlek 17 napja
Who drinks these seltzer drinks. I've tried for years to pretend I like vodka (replace with any liquor) sodas and they always taste bad. Flavored soda water is like putting perfume in your soda. Gross. They're all nasty. Alcohol or not. Plain soda all the way. I'm not passionate or anything lol.
Fredrik Gustafson
Yay, Susan is back!
Megan Herrera
Megan Herrera 17 napja
Today I'm totally here for the news jingle, and Nick. Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this. Also love the Pete name tag. Everyone should wear one, for one show
Kate Cosette
Kate Cosette 17 napja
I love the whole bit where there's no laughter for a joke and then you just hear James say *Susan* 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Twixy No
Twixy No 17 napja
The people are pleading, Nick! Do not wear a jockey uniform! Thinking about it skeeves me out.
Hailey Manning
Hailey Manning 17 napja
Canada’s election is Sept. 20th - she got the election date right but it’s for the wrong country 😂
Prokid93 16 napja
Red Zebra
Red Zebra 17 napja
The $400b city looks like Singapore
Trac 17 napja
I don't know if our family would have survived lockdown if we didn't start our day with The Late Late Show and our coffee! Love this format more everyday!
KathRN 17 napja
Reasons to love where you work: 1) show up high, don't get fired; 2) tell your boss "That's dumb," don't get fired.
Simao Nziaka
Simao Nziaka 17 napja
Rick Evans
Rick Evans 17 napja
My eyes are so bad. I thought it said hand sanitizer. But it says hard seltzers
Al Tortugas
Al Tortugas 17 napja
He was a “little” hungry, so he swallowed some “micro chips.” Come on, Susan!
Regina Doyle
Regina Doyle 17 napja
Lovin the new news jingle every day!
Mazen Gawish
Mazen Gawish 17 napja
Director: how many times you wanna bully Nick, James? James: YES.
Christopher Merlot
That's like drinking a salad.
TKM 17 napja
Alex Aberdein
Alex Aberdein 17 napja
Clearly Caitlyn Jenner got the recall vote mistaken for the Canadian federal election which is September 20th
Carolina 17 napja
Too short!
eLLe Booggie
eLLe Booggie 17 napja
Pete, Honey 🍯 and apples 🍎!💜💜💜💜😂Fins 🆙 !
Anita Hickey
Anita Hickey 17 napja
James with all the dad jokes!! >.
Navers Kay
Navers Kay 17 napja
Bud Light is piss as it is anyway, so isn't Bud Light Seltzer just glorified piss?
ThomThom 17 napja
I dunno. Isn't it sparkling piss?
MrBeans 17 napja
lmao Pete is serious! i love it! All good Nick i dont drink either!
angblue222 17 napja
Love Nick!!!!
Hosna Mortazavi
Hosna Mortazavi 17 napja
I just wanna say, please never shame anyone for not drinking or smoking and DO NOT encourage them to start doing so! If you don't support someone who has decided to live a healthy life, at least don't discourage them!
Hey Guys, This Is My New Name
mmmmmmm.... I'd probably stay away from the internet for a few months If I were you Ellen, I mean James.
Julie Harden
Julie Harden 17 napja
I love this format. I know an aadience will eventually come back, but I hope they continue to do this part without an audience forever.
Brandon Young-Kemkes
I don’t like the taste of alcohol has a taste I could never enjoy.
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker 13 napja
@Brandon Young-Kemkes Hehe I have both
Brandon Young-Kemkes
@Andrew Walker oh well I got weed. We all have our vices.
Andrew Walker
Andrew Walker 16 napja
Aww. That sucks.
Madi Perez
Madi Perez 17 napja
How did he swallow his phone? Maybe his girl asked him for it and since he is 2 timing he didn't want her to find out and that was his way of saving his relat
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