James Corden Pays Tribute to Norm Macdonald 

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James Corden notes the passing of legendary comedian Norm Macdonald, and he, Ian Karmel and Reggie Watts remember and pay tribute to such an influential figure.

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Just a statistic
Just a statistic 5 órája
RIP Norm. You were funny, but not that funny.
JesusLovesYou9999 16 órája
There will be another Norm .
Jan Swart
Jan Swart 18 órája
"Lonnie Donnegan"
Dodgerbum666 19 órája
But somehow we are left with this notalentassclown. RIP Norm.
Paul Fogarty
(From an old guy) Norm was the centennial version of Mark Twain who was the centennial version of someone before him, who was the centennial version of someone before that. Was there someone at the last supper who killed with " Four guys are gonna know, Pontius Pilate will know...)"
Ian Kearns
Ian Kearns Napja
To lose Sean Lock and Norm Macdonald over a 1month period makes the world a lot sadder. I cant believe I just read that. Rip
John Drake
John Drake Napja
Julius Jones murdered Paul Howell.
TKBuffalo 3 napja
He is on my personal Mount Rushmore of Comedians who were working during my life... (Alongside Carlin, Rickles, and Williams) Norm...great talk show guest, you could give him a random topic, and he's spin this off for 10 minutes weaving through your mind with a story, and the build up for the joke...amazing. Just a great mind, and one of the absolute bests....especially if you'got' what he was doing... half the people half the time never 'got it', but if you did, just absolutely brilliant.
guatemala958 3 napja
Corden wishes to ever be as man enough and funny like him
Daniel Moore
Daniel Moore 3 napja
"You shouldn't make those kinds of jokes" cancel culture apologists like Corden should keep Norm's name out of their mouth.
Grayson DuBose
he should’ve had your show like letterman wanted james. also that wasn’t the mickey mouse story he told it was about taking his son to Disney World and seeing Mickey Mouse drop a child onto his giant shoes and having a permanent smile cause of the costume while every one else was screaming lol
That Guy
That Guy 4 napja
Corden's paying tribute ad going thru the motions like a true robot.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 4 napja
Norm’s podcast is a cure for depression. An absolute original.
GrannnySmith 4 napja
Keep his name out of your mouth you waste of space.
Didn't even know how valuable this guy was until he died
Anuskasv0 5 napja
Norm was funny, James is a hack.
Joe Bag
Joe Bag 5 napja
F off Corden
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 4 napja
Norm didn't like this guy.
Robert Reid
Robert Reid 5 napja
Bet money corden didn’t even know he was.
Tanya Wade
Tanya Wade 5 napja
What he said about Mickey is true & something I’ve never thought about. If I saw him outside of Disney, I’d def be suspicious. That was clever & funny. I wasn’t a fan, but it was nice how they seemed to truly respect & admire him. RIP Norm 🕊.
Gene Prevento II
It really sucks because not only did we lose a comedic genius but also lost someone that wasn’t going to give in to this bullshit cancel culture. He said on his podcast that he’s not changing his style of humor & be politically correct bcs. it negatively affects comedy. Just like when NBC president Don Ohlmeyer fired him from SNL for making jokes about Ohlmeyer’s friend O.J. Simpson being a murderer. Norm actually increased the # of jokes about Simpson during Weekend Update basically giving the network the🖕🏼lol. A year later Norm had a movie, sitcom, & Netflix special & was asked back to SNL to host. During opening monologue he made jokes about O.J. & joked about being fired which Ohlmeyer was chastised for publicly. R.I.P. Norm & thanks for all the laughs.
Mortyjr 5 napja
Did he mention Sean lock when he passed at all? Or I guess not because the American audience wouldn’t know who he is
Asphodelia D
Asphodelia D 5 napja
Love the way he says "We'll never ever FORGOT them" - like he clearly has already!!! This Cordern guy is a point one narcissist.
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 5 napja
When norm said it is an easy time for bad comedians, he was talking about James.
Friends of The Amazon Jungle
How come as soon as they die, they become the "funniest in the world" 🙄
royston rubble
James you have sat by a watched as edgy comedians like Norm have been cancelled and you don't say anything
Michael Kremski
First John Lock now Norm. This year is terrible.
Declan Cochran
like a dog listening to classical music
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 5 napja
I came up with a joke I think Norm would approve of. What do Norm Macdonald, Robin Williams, and Richard Pryor have in common? They're not funny anymore.
Scott Melson
Scott Melson 6 napja
Truly irreplaceable man. I would put him on a par with Robin Williams and his comedic genius. You’ll be missed Norm. So sad
Randon Ceccoli
The fact that he calls it a battle tells me he wasn't a fan and if he was didn't get norm like at all
Sir Thomas Walton
Norm didn't like this guy.
Greg Hoekstra
Greg Hoekstra 7 napja
James seems incredibly insincere.
raffpants618 7 napja
You can either be like norm and be funny and have a soul or be like James
Turkish Dave
Turkish Dave 7 napja
Reminds me of the Late Late Norm Norm campaign
Wade 7 napja
You don't deserve to speak his name you hack
Alistair Clark
I hope he haunts Hillary and Bill Clinton and OJ Simpson till the end of time.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 7 napja
Norm Macdonald
DammitJanet 7 napja
imagine how these fakes will eulogy roseanne one day god forbid.
DammitJanet 7 napja
hollywood shamed and banned the guy wtf.
Atomic Boomstick
If this disgusting mess wants to pay tribute to Norm Mcdonald he should catch a flight over to kabul, get covered in makeup, a wig and womens lingerie and let the taliban take it from there.
Jeff B
Jeff B 7 napja
I came up with a joke I think Norm would approve of. What do Norm Macdonald, Robin Williams, and Richard Pryor have in common? They're not funny anymore.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 7 napja
James who? Don’t care. RIP Norm. These morons you hated are going to pretend like they liked you now.
Chris Ducat
Chris Ducat 7 napja
James Corden is widely known to not own a dog house, but I'm sure Norm would appreciate the thoughts anyhow :-)
Oygee H
Oygee H 7 napja
"Settle down prostitute."
I dont want to make a channel, I just want to comment
Corden will never be anywhere in the neighborhood of norm. This is borderline insulting. You stand for everything norm was against. You're a phony sellout who is never honest. Norm seemed to generally always be honest.
Mario Martinovic
You are against everything Norm McDonald stood for
Fiery Red Podcast
He hated Norm and is friends with everyone who canceled Norm
Ayad Ali
Ayad Ali 7 napja
R.I.P. Norm Macdonald.😢
Bug vs Windshield
A bastion of Comedys bulwarks to fend off the haters of free speech. God bless you Norm. I'd like to think god got a bit more of a sense of humor.
Another person that I’m sure Norm McDonald hated
Babali Boon
Babali Boon 7 napja
I love Norm - but I cannot stand you, James. A disgrace to comedy.
Brett W
Brett W 7 napja
Cordon makes me yawn…
Brian Carlstrom
As Norm always said, "I think that James Corden is funny." Man. Norm really knew how to write joke.
Asphodelia D
Asphodelia D 5 napja
Or, as he often said, 'What would James Cordern Do?'
J.R. Wooten
J.R. Wooten 7 napja
Rip Norm.
This guy is the opposite of norm. Norm never compromised or gave in to the machine
James who? Don’t care. RIP Norm. These morons you hated are going to pretend like they liked you now.
Mike Eldridge
Mike Eldridge 8 napja
This is a person that Norm would not want to be remembered by. Best Comedian ever talked about by one of the worst.
robinheil 8 napja
dave09650 8 napja
to bad you have zero the talent like Norm. Suck ups he fought against everything you stand for.
Gerard Byrnes
Gerard Byrnes 8 napja
Norm is probbaly spinning if he knows this tool is paying tribute to him.
Travis Stoaty
Travis Stoaty 8 napja
🌞🌟🌘🌗🌖🌪⛈⛅🧼🧽🧴🛏🚪🧳🌄🌅🌆🗾🗽🌉🏪🏬🏫🏣🏢🎃🎫❇ ❇ *Because of love. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. Three days later rose him from the dead.* *Now. By Jesus Christ alone. God has granted us the free gift of eternal life.* *If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead* *He will give you the free gift of eternal life* *He also promised to heal your body.* *(Look up at the sky and ask God)*
Hector Leyva
Hector Leyva 8 napja
There is no next Norm Macdonald. He was one of one.
Must take incredible courage and strength to fight that dragon cancer on your own without telling anybody.
NogaBlitz 8 napja
Talk about making norm roll in his fresh grave.
mik3ymomo 8 napja
Norm always hated hypocrisy and he pointed it out in his comedy and it angered leftists so I wrote a joke for him yesterday in the form he would write it to point out said hypocrisy. So I’m here in L.A. taking my dog for a walk and of course he squats and shits right here on the sidewalk as there is barely any grass anywhere here in the city. Next thing I know a cop walks up and starts writing me a ticket and I exclaim…. No, no, no… I did that….
Mr. Meerkat
Mr. Meerkat 8 napja
Just going through the motions, we all know you weren't a fan fat boy.
Jan van de Maas
After an illness that had me bedridden for a long time here in New Zealand I entertained myself with comedy and that is when I discovered Norm McDonald on HUtown . Humour, fun, laughter etc. can get you through a lot and Norm certainly did that with his brand of humour which was very clever . I will miss you very much Norm and thank you for the hours of laughter.
Camille Simon
Camille Simon 8 napja
Norm was a very sweet man. Ran into in the supermarket a few times and he had us all laughing. Just a good guy
CFX W 8 napja
You did not know Norm!! Since your full on TDS in 2016, you forgot what it was like to be funny for the fans. Go away!!
Cara Howell
Cara Howell 8 napja
What about the 10 minute joke?? Or 15 minute joke? Anyways... getting invested to a missing person breaking news. And at first not giving a shit then being all into it... it was so f@cking funny!!!
ZachAttack84 8 napja
You are the polar opposite of Norm in every conceivable way
jonathan spencer
How Corden got such a role is beyond me. He's so overrated.
Asphodelia D
Asphodelia D 5 napja
Cordern's willing to do whatever they tell him. Norm just insisted on being funny.
Toxic Gaming
Toxic Gaming 8 napja
Wow, big surprise. A tribute from someone who tried to get Norm canceled.
Les Moore
Les Moore 8 napja
All these bastard that ignored him and helped to cancel him. Jimmy Fallon need keep his mouth shut.
Alberto Mauiztic
I love Norm, I abhor this guy
Topgunz81 8 napja
This current generation of late show hosts are garbage. I’m surprised they get enough viewers to stay on air.
Floor Daoc
Floor Daoc 8 napja
If Norm saw this...Norm: "is that a greeen suit?"
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody 8 napja
Life became a little bit worse, but Heaven got a little bit better.
Paul S
Paul S 8 napja
He didn’t loose his battle with cancer. The cancer died at the same time he did. It was a draw.
Dease Nootz
Dease Nootz 8 napja
You know whats even funnier than Norm? The fact that James has a late night show that people actually watch ahahaha
Daniel Duvall
Daniel Duvall 8 napja
Norm thought James Corden was a JERK!!! good job James you MUST jump on the bandwagon with the RIP to Norm!! such a KISS ASS, the all-time best in everything but hardly was on your show! just shut the fuck up and let the REAL comedians give their thanks
Scotty Lo
Scotty Lo 8 napja
Well said. There will never be another comedian with Norms style,delivery, and unique voice. His subtle grin while telling a joke was all part of the overall thing that made Norm so great.
Chaos Promotions
Seth Lee
Seth Lee 8 napja
Years ago I was getting sober and I was miserable and depressed and Norms videos were all that could make me smile so sad to hear this but he's truly a legend
Stig Kenobi
Stig Kenobi 8 napja
The least funny man on the planet, remembers one of the funniest.
John Bell
John Bell 8 napja
He “lost his battle”? Hey fella I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure when Norm died, the cancer died at the exact same time. So that’s not a loss. To me, that’s a draw.
Cornbread Oracle
Damn skippy
Michelle Tate
Michelle Tate 3 napja
Norm's bit...
Alec Castro
Alec Castro 8 napja
James Corden is the antithesis of Norm MacDonald. You don't get to celebrate a soul if you lack one yourself
Mango Berry
Mango Berry 8 napja
Thank you for sharing
El Mp
El Mp 8 napja
Norm was everything Cordon isn't. Funny with balls and heart. Go fluff Fauci some more James, it's very cute xxx
Darren Na
Darren Na 8 napja
😂😂😂😂😂James your so fake now come home before you turn completely from this act you put on into actual god damn liberal weirdo.you can come home do Gavin and Stacey and forget about this weirdo land.
I could hear norm now: “ far too soon? Been fighting cancer for 9 years! Lasted longer then OJ’s wife that he murdered” But really RIP. Norm was something else.
He hated you
J Joestar
J Joestar 8 napja
This guy is a complete knobhead, but I agree that Norm was a legend.
Brilliant until the NPCs military took over. Yeah you, the ones praising him though the motions.
Turd Furgeson
Turd Furgeson 8 napja
James definitely doesn’t own a doghouse
Ryan Donahue
Ryan Donahue 8 napja
Wait? They do other stuff on this program than say trump, trump, trump, trump, trump, trump, and trumpity trump? If the professions of all entertainers (like this little mouth piece here) ceased to exist tomorrow, the only thing that would change is that there would be more time for the people that were entertained by them to do/watch ANYTHING else.
capn4u 8 napja
Norm spoke the truth and you call it magic? Idiots not worthy of 'Ol Norm's orbit.
robin orona
robin orona 8 napja
that was truly beautiful. thanks you guys for sharing. norm really was one of one.
brado jacko
brado jacko 8 napja
All these scumbag hosts paying tribute to norm after blacklisting him and getting his show taken off the air because he made a joke they didn't like. Canceling his appearances. They ruined his career. These cowards. Pathetic. Nothing they do is sincere. They are all awful.
DGENER8s 8 napja
oh good grief even this buffoon is getting in on the action gross
trashcan man
trashcan man 8 napja
Dude your a HACK....Norm was a true comedian...he made everything funny...you have writers do your jokes...your a joke
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