Julius Jones Needs Our Help 

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James takes a moment to bring awareness to the story of Julius Jones, a man facing execution in Oklahoma for a murder he was convicted for under incredibly suspicious and troubling circumstances. With time running short, Julius can use any and all help: www.justiceforjuliusjones.com/

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2021.szept. 7.






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C Raphael
C Raphael 2 órája
Justice for Paul Howell.
Patrick k
Patrick k 4 órája
Justice for Paul Howell and his family
Christopher Joy
Christopher Joy 5 órája
Justice for Paul Howell
gift23 nana
gift23 nana 8 órája
It's like Brandon Bernard all over again on Twitter 🙄
WilfChadwick 8 órája
Lol, murderer claims innocence
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 11 órája
Justice for Paul Howell
nonpogreyaccount 13 órája
nonpogreyaccount 13 órája
nonpogreyaccount 13 órája
george floyd was a pos and james cordan should guest star on documenting realities website
Asmodexia 14 órája
Julius Jones is guilty! Justice for Paul Howell!
Official IBK
Official IBK 22 órája
James, if you can find the time actually research the case. Absolute amoral reprobate behaviour lying like this.
sintered Napja
6.3 million signed the petition to save JJ. JJ has to be innocent, because there's just no way 6.3 million people in the USA could be stupid lazy idiots who didn't bother to look at the evidence. If there's that many fat, stupid losers in the USA, why would they need to go all the way to England to find someone to host the Late Late Show?
Andrew Newland
the DNA evidence shows hes guilty
Baron Zemo
Baron Zemo Napja
Justice for Paul Howell!
bill hicks
bill hicks Napja
Baby Monsters are unstoppable.
L Allen
L Allen Napja
Hey James! Ever consider having Paul Howell’s family on? Maybe see how they feel about Jones? Oh right f the actual victim’s family because RaCiSm. You know what you’re doing is wrong. You’re horrible.
Rogue Ronin
Absolutely disgusting Justiceforpaulhowell
L Allen
L Allen Napja
Justice for Paul Howell
Abdi Mohamed
Abdi Mohamed 2 napja
Justice for Paul Howell hutown.info/base/vide/oqlltmVllWbJkdk.html
Spidermight 805
Why aren’t you clamoring for the release of all murderers? This show is an absolute lie, on all claims. The evidence against him is OVERWHELMING! And he did fit the description of the witness. So did the bandana and gun used, both found in this terd’s house! He was witnessed driving around in the carjacked vehicle!
barbiel BarbieD
Cordon says he didn’t get a fair trial, he left out the fact that all dozen or so appeals and the four Supreme Court appeals all agreed the trial was fair
Godisnowhere 2 napja
This isn’t going to age well. It already hasn’t
johnny john johnson
This man is Lying from start to finish. Misinformation and still on the Air.
Ralph Wiggam
Ralph Wiggam 2 napja
Does nobody care that his lawyers already pressed for a re-trial 13 times? ... and that the case failed an additional 13 times? ... hmmmmm ... what about the fact that Julius was is, and will always be a "Blood" gang-memberr?
Ryan Lueras
Ryan Lueras 2 napja
Justice for Paul Howell
Space Pimp
Space Pimp 2 napja
Julius Jones Is 100% Guilty
Dragon Bones
Dragon Bones 2 napja
Leave Paul Howell's family alone, what the actual fuck is wrong with you?
Big King Speaker D West Emperor of the First Choice
I hear Julius is getting 100 milligrams of help on Nov. 18th.
Mike Oprisi
Mike Oprisi 2 napja
When a video starts with a false premise “promising athlete, academic scholarship, and bright future” its validity is called into question. A little research shows that his scholar ship was taken away due to poor grades. An incident which occurred some time before the allegation. more than happy to be proven wrong here.
The Ignorant Sinner Adam
Actual Justice Warrior did a wonderful video on this story.
DeepWubbinz79 3 napja
They found the murder weapon in Julius Jones room covered in his DNA.
Charlie Sutton
If I didn't already hate this pathetic man enough as it was
Johnny Silverhand
James, stick to dressing like a cat. you are clueless about this case.
eduardo cruz
eduardo cruz 3 napja
How can this guy come in front of such a big audience and say so many lies.Cant trust this people
Azer Simple
Azer Simple 3 napja
What’s with corporate-backed megacelebrities constantly trying to support violent criminals and menaces to society? Anyone who takes these shills seriously is too far gone at this point.
Evgueni Mlodik
This is disgusting. The guy 100% did it.
willl 77
willl 77 3 napja
are you fucking kidding me....
D 3 napja
Sad that y’all don’t know the story . The real killer is Christopher. Please educate yourself on the case before making such foul comments.
Book E
Book E Napja
Chris didn’t have the murder weapon wrapped in his bandana that he was seen wearing during the crime found in his bedroom with his dna all over it. That was Julius. Because Julius is the murderer.
CanalPSG 2 napja
You mean: because the people in Oklahoma are racists, they convicted one black man, instead of the other black man. Makes perfect sense.
D 3 napja
Book E
Book E Napja
Let a cold blooded, unrepentant murderer go free? No way. Fry his ass.
Ryan Miles
Ryan Miles 3 napja
Julius Jones is guilty AF. These celebs want to free a muderer. Ask yourself this question, why is every single case that Kim Kardashian takes on is a black perpetrator and a white victim? Seems kind of transparent to me.
Levi Kendrick
Levi Kendrick 3 napja
I’m loving this comment section. James you’re stupid AF
Atleast do some research before you spread this nonsense. Read the court transcripts and reports..
cdsullivan2 3 napja
What a disgusting display this was. James - you’re an absolute embarrassment.
Kevin Cortez
Kevin Cortez 3 napja
Literally everything he just said is a lie and false a fueling racial tension.
workdiggitz 3 napja
Justice for Paul!... Julius Jones is 100% guilty. This moron hasent researched the case and has spewed lies and outright misinformation!
Lotty Elizabeth
I wonder how James would feel about the death penalty, if someone had shot his dad in the head in front of him... As a Brit, I can say we are not proud of James at all. Cali can keep him!
Gator 3 napja
As a Californian, we don't want him either
Piromyśl 3 napja
Dude is 100% guilty.
Colton Streeter
I agree with 1 statement, I believe he is 100% guilty but does need to through another fair trial.
The Sammy Jenkins Experience
He already had a fair trial.
Ron Soye
Ron Soye 3 napja
Justice for Paul Howell and Julius Jones is 100% guilty.
Bolek Kolek
Bolek Kolek 3 napja
Erm... Oh stop lying and making everything racist. m.hutown.info/base/vide/xqmqqICGlpemptU.html
Simon Tat
Simon Tat 3 napja
Julius Jones is 100% guilty. A defendent is given the right to testify in their court trial. Julius Jones refused to testify in his trial four times which is stated in the transcripts meaning that this is a fair trial.
PG 3 napja
Justice for Paul Howell.
Wow! You are just completely full of crap aren’t you! Misrepresenting the case is an understatement.
Bearwolf13 3 napja
You should be ashamed of yourself, but I believe you have no shame at all... Dudes an ACTIVE gang member while in prison and has been caught sending letters saying he was gonna kill other people...
Chad 3 napja
Julius Jones is 100% Guilty hutown.info/base/vide/xqmqqICGlpemptU.html Actual Justice Warrior
callaex q
callaex q 3 napja
This is fucking insane. HE 100% DID IT! We have come to lying on TV for views. So sad
mskalabrown 3 napja
Justice for paul howell
Eighter Tha Best
Nope. He flunked ou before he killed someone. He was given multiple chances to give his story (because it is just a story) and refused it on record. And dna says hes guilty. Whats it like to be so ill informed your whole comment section is correcting your lies?
Black Morbidly Obese Vegan Transgender Feminist
The bandanna and gun were found in his room with his DNA on it.
Black Morbidly Obese Vegan Transgender Feminist
@D What that his friend supposedly planted the gun on him to frame him? Which was found in the attic of his room closet. Because that makes perfect sense that the person trying to frame him hid it in the best hiding spot in his room. Or the alibi he claims his lawyers never brought up in court? Except his lawyer did mention this to him and Jones was quoted saying his parents are mistaken he definitely wasn’t home that night. literally everything Jones is saying makes him innocent are straight up lies that are easily debunked in the court transcripts, please read them for yourself. This was honestly the best misinformation campaign I’ve ever seen. It’s utterly insane that a convicted murderer is about to be released because the media and Kim Kardashian have gone around spreading blatant lies.
D 3 napja
You definitely don’t know the real story. Smh we have to make sure to do research before we speak .
Mike MikeN
Mike MikeN 4 napja
HUtown at it's finest. 90% of comments tearing this to shreds. 4-1 thumbs up.
Mike MikeN
Mike MikeN 4 napja
He shot a man in the head in front of his children.
Ravishing Rick Rude
Was this just a bit? Because i ain't laughin, James.
Ravishing Rick Rude
#CancelCorden for abusing his platform to spread misinformation
Ravishing Rick Rude
Never once mentioned Paul Howell? Disgusting. #SatanicHollyweird
darkencypher 4 napja
I'll just leave this here... hutown.info/base/vide/xqmqqICGlpemptU.html
Jim Eagle
Jim Eagle 4 napja
Now he’s gonna malign Oklahoma in code. I do think Jones ought to have a second look IF his defence was incompetent or defective.
Ravishing Rick Rude
It wasn't. Julius was unequivocally the shooter
Nathan Sparkman
How do people get off just straight up lying about this case? Where was this when OJ…. Oh wait.
Jim Eagle
Jim Eagle 4 napja
Nice work, James. You’re the arbiter of all things black. Let’s hear the overwhelming evidence. Also, it’s racism because they elected to charge one black over another?
CanalPSG 2 napja
Given the fact that 7.4% of the population of Oklahoma-state is black, one black juror should be statistically expected.
uppercut grandma
The families alibi was debunked by Julius himself, twice (to his own lawyers). His family was lying about having spaghetti and a fight over the cookie. The information is available, just look at court transcripts.
The Sammy Jenkins Experience
Not just Julius, but his girlfriend as well who said Julius told her he was somewhere else in town that night. There was also another alibi known only as B.C. who Jones' parents said was at their house with Jones at the time of the murder playing monopoly. Only B.C. refutes this claim, saying they played monopoly the night before the murder.
The Sammy Jenkins Experience
3:17 No, this is absolutely exactly what this is about. This is pure anti-death penalty activism. The actual truth does not matter to people like James, in fact, it's the last thing he's interested in. All he wants to do is help overturn capital punishment. That's it. And he'll do whatever he can to achieve that goal, including spreading lies and misinformation about a murderer who is clearly guilty beyond ANY shadow of a doubt.
This is DISGUSTING. Overwhelming evidence? The cookie cake was not heard because he said to both of his attorneys that his family was lying for him. JUSTICE FOR PAUL HOWELL.
The Sammy Jenkins Experience
What is it with these dopey celebrities and talk show hosts defending ACTUAL MURDERERS? Anyone that bothers to look at the actual evidence and read the court transcripts will know that this guy is guilty beyond any shadow of a doubt, and that the claims made in his defense are provable lies. Unbelievable.
Kevin Metz
Kevin Metz 4 napja
The cookie alibi was not brought at trial because Julius told the public defender assigned initially and the next one that he was not a home that night. Both public defenders later testified that they could not allow the cookie alibi because they knew it was untrue, like pretty much every thing James Cordon says here.
1601tgc 4 napja
I have less respect for people like James Corden than I do even Julius Jones. How disgraceful. Imagine the family of the victim whose life was snuffed out because of such evil having to contend to a mediocre late night show comedian spitting in their faces because he is too lazy to bother looking at the facts of the case and just goes with poorly researched nonsense because it would make him look woke. ‘Smithy’ a narcissistic, selfish but loveable character James played in the early ‘00s is a better human being than James himself.
nonpogreyaccount 13 órája
exactly he needs to been shames into oblivion
Kevin Metz
Kevin Metz 4 napja
He shows a high school picture while saying he was a college athlete purposely deceiving the audience. Actually, it may not be on purpose, these elites will whatever they have to not be cancelled.
Kevin Metz
Kevin Metz 4 napja
Lie number one comes in about 2 seconds after Cordon says "Julius Jones." He was not a college athlete he wasn't even a student.
Lucifer The Doberman
He was for a semester, then got booted for having a 0.6 GPA
Charlie Lucy
Charlie Lucy 4 napja
Justice for Paul Howell
It's inane how guilty that man is... Fuck him and fuxk his family for continuing to lie about his alibi that's he himself has admitted wasn't true by both of his lawyer's... Y'all bugging on this one
Angel J
Angel J 4 napja
Dropped out of college with a .8 GPA
Angel J
Angel J 4 napja
Justice for Paul Howell
Dick Balls
Dick Balls 4 napja
he is guilty as SIN.
ilanoush 4 napja
Woke James Corden, who gets all the facts wrong. It is all documented but it doesn't fit your pathetic narrative. dispective, pathetic chubby little man, pffff. Educate yourself
mrtalldude24 4 napja
Imagine simping for a murderer. Leftist really know how to scrape the bottom of the barrel, don’t they?
Froward Thinker
How do you get absolutely everything wrong in this video?
Froward Thinker
Nooooo........ 20 years ago he flunked out of college in the first semester with a .8 gpa....... he also never once played for any college teams. You need sued and fired.
Jimmy 4 napja
"There are so many other ways this case was stacked against Julius from the start" Yeah... Like the MO, the eye witnesses, the security footage, his DNA found on the murder weapon wrapped in the bandana that was worn during the murder that also had his DNA on it, the fact that he told his defense attorneys that he was NOT at his family's house that night...
Nicky PooPoo
Nicky PooPoo 4 napja
Jimmy, he’s always maintained his innocence…. I can’t believe that a man on death row saying he’s innocent for all these years. Pack it up everyone, Julius said he didn’t do. Lol
Seymour Cox
Seymour Cox 4 napja
James think Julius Jones is innocent which is the most laughable thing to come out of this show
A Long Story Short
Social Justice is demonic..
Boe Jiden
Boe Jiden 4 napja
Dude, he's a murderer
MagCynic 4 napja
Overwhelming evidence of his innocence? The murder weapon was found in his closet!
Joshpower57 3 napja
With his and the victims DNA on the bandana. This shit cracks me up
Felicia R
Felicia R 4 napja
😢 😢 😔 …..
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