Mary Elizabeth Winstead Had Quite a Nickname at 10 

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James welcomes new mother Mary Elizabeth Winstead to Stage 56 and Mary admits she had a quick snooze on the drive over thanks to the rigors of a 10-week-old. And Mary tells James how Madonna's new album inspired her 10-year-old self to name her and her friends the Erotica Girls. And the "Kate" star tells James just how intense it got on set making some of the fight scenes with her co-star.

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Angelica Gorentz
Oh honey where all the little rings that you want on that finger 🎂you’re never going to get your shotgun wedding🪡🏆Ewan not with you by choice 🐉🪡
John Drake
John Drake 2 napja
Julius Jones murdered Paul Howell.
A Gamboa
A Gamboa 3 napja
She is just perfect...
Saif Mahmud Ishtiak Shushaan
I first saw her on Final Destination 3 and been in love ever since 😍
Marcus Dottlinger
She is a goddess! I will have a crush on her forever!
MassOne 4 napja
manny boy has crush on this girl if you know what i mean ;)
Hard to believe she just had a baby. She looks fantastic!
Mika Jen
Mika Jen 4 napja
Holy crap why are they treating Passions like that?? That show was EPIC!
Eduardo Cano
Eduardo Cano 5 napja
Ramona I love you 💕
Eduardo Cano
Eduardo Cano 5 napja
I love this woman. I am in love.😍❤
Nurun Naher
Nurun Naher 5 napja
she is freaking great
L G 5 napja
I think Euan McGregors ex wife is much prettier than her, but Mary, his partner, seems to have a nicer personality.
Lily B
Lily B 6 napja
He was still married when he started an affair with her 👎🏼
Yanet 4 napja
You were the pillow?
Fabiola Duarte
She's being my crush since Sky High days, such a amazing actress!
Susan Lawless
Susan Lawless 7 napja
Mary is an amazing actress!!! I list count of how many times i have seem Kate!! Excellent movie
jeethha1 7 napja
How could Corden not watch Scream and The Matrix????
Michael Crumpton
MEW kicking ass since 2010 in Scott Pilgrim!
Ian Castro
Ian Castro 8 napja
That Kitchen Fight Scene in Kate was absolutely Great! Relayed it at least 2 times hehe
Frank Monachello
She's a phenomenal actress and singer. Wouldn't be surprised if she garnered a number of Oscars and Emmys in the coming years with the right material.
dhnny lil19
dhnny lil19 8 napja
she sounds exactly like gwyneth paltrow
Yanet 4 napja
But Mary, is a better actress.
mousa hassan
mousa hassan 8 napja
It’s a terrible movie BTW
Louie209 5 napja
Izabel Kadieva
Maria Lenardt
Maria Lenardt 9 napja
I remember her from Tarantino’s Death proof 🙂
Gijs Van De Krol
James corden so on auto pilote 🙁love her dow .. just watch Kate … ✌️😎
Soviet ツ
Soviet ツ 9 napja
I have a one question. Did Kate Lloyd survived in "The THING" movie ? 😢🇻🇳🇺🇸 SOMEBODY ANSWER ME 😭
Isa Mello
Isa Mello 9 napja
Perfeita ^-^
Norman Xiong
Norman Xiong 9 napja
How has she not aged
Jaxson Worley
Jaxson Worley 10 napja
I’ve been a big fan of her since she played Ramona Flowers in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
R Tec
R Tec 7 napja
44 October Studios
I was a fan since final destination 3 🤣
Louie209 9 napja
Same. She was great in that one 😊
S T 10 napja
Kate made me really love her
Piotr Dworowy
Piotr Dworowy 10 napja
What is the James answer to Merry Asking him what is he doing in this whole pandemic? Please help.
Piotr Dworowy
Piotr Dworowy 10 napja
Piotr Dworowy
Piotr Dworowy 10 napja
When you understand almost all without subtitles but one sentence,turning on the subtitles to read it instead and it is not in there.🤮
Waqar Hyder
Waqar Hyder 10 napja
She gorgeous 😍💗 I thought she's from Japan
Linda Stricker
Linda Stricker 10 napja
When is she going to star in a reboot of Xena???
mildred 10 napja
I gasped too, i LOVED passions" Timi!!!!!
Joy Itzayana
Joy Itzayana 8 napja
watchgirls18. com "I loved Passions" "Ironically?" That brief exchange told me everything I needed to know about the show. 😁
Aaron Sauer
Aaron Sauer 10 napja
Great in Sky High!
Brynn Margo
Brynn Margo 8 napja
watchgirls18. com She was my girl crush during her Sky High days and she's just gorgeous!! 💖💖💖
Isa Scofield
Isa Scofield 11 napja
Está preciosa ❤ el niño lo ha tenido con Ewan McGregor y es adorable. Sigo a Ewan desde hace mucho tiempo y dudo mucho que engañara a Eve (su ex esposa) con Mary. Simplemente hacía 22 años que estaban casados y seguro que la magia desapareció, pasa y es la realidad. Y ambos se enamoraron y ahí están, con un pequeñin llamado Laurie, precioso y adorable.
Yanet 4 napja
Amo a Ewan y a Mary juntos, son una pareja maravillosa. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con tu comentario aveces, las cosas se terminan para que comiencen cosas nuevas, como la llegada del precioso Laurie. 💖
Argus Y
Argus Y 11 napja
I love how she adapted to my tastes, she was my type when I was a teen and she was on Final destination 3 and she still is now she is a mother and we are both grown ups.
T Electronix
T Electronix 4 napja
@Argus Y Not in this case, dear.
Argus Y
Argus Y 4 napja
@T Electronix When you dont get the joke, its 100% a swoosh.
T Electronix
T Electronix 8 napja
@Argus Y 'Swoosh' Not really.
Argus Y
Argus Y 10 napja
@Ali Thomson Swoosh!
Ali Thomson
Ali Thomson 11 napja
I dont think she's adapted to your or anyone's tastes....weird comment!
Jithin Jacob
Jithin Jacob 11 napja
I hardly recognized her ...
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson 11 napja
When I saw the posted video I thought that was Hagar Benari 😂
Diablo Blanco
Diablo Blanco 11 napja
James Pittman
James Pittman 11 napja
I like Mary Elizabeth Winstead and she is a great actress and I love her outfit and boots is very awesome.🤩
keen 11 napja
Kate was so good. I love seeing women kicking ass and taking names and just killing everyone lol
l&m 11 napja
can she talk about her and ewan mcgregor's baby son? i so want to see the salty and bitter people in the comments and have a good laugh 😍 Edit: let's get some haters mad! guess what bitter people are being bitter, not surprised, keep coming at me hater, idc.
Louie209 6 napja
Louie209 6 napja
@Julie Rogers It's a shame you call having a divorce - "Cheating". You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. It's a disgrace to intelligence.
T Electronix
T Electronix 8 napja
@l&m "i want to see the sad and bitter people" "sad of you to assume I want to see negative replies"
Julie Rogers
Julie Rogers 8 napja
@l&m Your comment is the definition of negative, and you invited "haters" to get "mad".
Julie Rogers
Julie Rogers 8 napja
@T Electronix and negative, and "hating"
Geoffrey Feinberg
She's a good actress. Strong character roles too.
Not2Old4TEch 11 napja
She may be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
David Lindsay
David Lindsay 6 napja
@Claudia Russo I very much agree
Claudia Russo
Claudia Russo 7 napja
She has this Sigourney Weaver vibe.
Jocelyn Zoie
Jocelyn Zoie 8 napja
watchgirls18. com Kate made me really love her
Constantin Kwiatkowski
She looks much older than she actually is. I thought she is 43 or 44. OMG
Constantin Kwiatkowski
@Louie209 yes she does 😄
Louie209 5 napja
No - she - does - NOT.
Argus Y
Argus Y 11 napja
Its her style, the dress, the hairstyle. There is a scene in Kate where she is in underwear and has long hair, looks like in her twenties again.
Julie Rogers
Julie Rogers 11 napja
Eve Mavrakis, I see you and honor you. To Ewan's daughter that told it like it is about this (MEW) woman, well done. Ewan, UGH.
Yanet 4 napja
Julie Rogers, live your life...
Louie209 5 napja
@Julie Rogers You've failed yourself.
Louie209 6 napja
@Julie Rogers Does "Hate" drive you, or does calling "Divorce" nothing but "Cheating" drive you?
Anika Leighton
watchgirls18. com she was awesome as Kate.
Julie Rogers
Julie Rogers 8 napja
@Yayhpril Interesting that you think Instagram is the only way that one might have knowledge of anything, including Clara's relationship status with her father. Your assumption about both my Instagram activity level and my knowledge about Clara's relationship with her father are incorrect. And, none of the above has anything to do with, nor changes, my support for Clara when she communicated her feelings regarding her father and his now new wife. What a narrow view you have.
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
queen 🔥🔥
Ichsuka 11 napja
MEW is great.
Michael Sebrell
Michael Sebrell 11 napja
Reggie in the back this time. Who keeps changing the picture in the background every episode 🤣
jedidiah M
jedidiah M 10 napja
That's a great one too!
Henrik Mygren
Henrik Mygren 11 napja
Still want to see that Scott Pilgrim sequel Idea she had. Where as she is in her current age. And how she and Scott grown apart. As first and young love while strong rarely lasts. How they tackle adult life.
rec 11 napja
Oge Marony
Oge Marony 11 napja
🤣🤣 I loved passions.
Ricardo Marambio
They must cast her as Ripley when Sigourney Weaver no longer wants to play her
David Lindsay
David Lindsay 6 napja
I was thinking this
Carter Leighton
watchgirls18. com Kate made me really love her
l&m 11 napja
Martin Zhang
Martin Zhang 11 napja
Or Ripley's daughter Amanda Ripley.
ian githae
ian githae 11 napja
Kates a good movies 🎬 🎞 🎥 🎦 📽 👌🏾
expectationlost 11 napja
one bad thing at the pandemic format is no more multiple guests on the coach
saimcheeda93 11 napja
Good actress but a homewrecker
Boy Bawang
Boy Bawang 11 napja
Well now she has the nickname of home-wrecking wh*re @...what...50-years-old!!??
Franco Xero
Franco Xero 11 napja
Ewan you lucky bastard
Jane 11 napja
She's so beautiful
Lyla Harley
Lyla Harley 8 napja
watchgirls18. com Kate made me really love her
Drunk Monkey
Drunk Monkey 11 napja
she was awesome as Kate.
T Electronix
T Electronix 11 napja
"I loved Passions" "Ironically?" That brief exchange told me everything I needed to know about the show. 😁
mohin pat
mohin pat 11 napja
I really loved her in BrainDead, although it lasted for one season.......!!!
Neojhun 6 napja
YES! Such an hidden gem.
Claudia Russo
Claudia Russo 7 napja
Oh I wished this show hadn't been canceled! Such a shame!
Agung Santoso
Agung Santoso 11 napja
Yeah :(. Wish more season
J Saenz
J Saenz 11 napja
Sorry man, she's lost it.
Louie209 5 napja
No... You lost it. Hate made you lose it.
Jon To
Jon To 11 napja
TheRealSchnitti 11 napja
💐 Ramona Flowers 💐
Pat Kelly
Pat Kelly 11 napja
I lesbian her...
KM539 11 napja
I loved her in Kate. Was shocked to learn she was in Passions. I loved that Soap. Didn't recognize her at all!!
No One
No One 9 napja
Man, I haven't thought about Passions in a long time. What a really weird show, it was like a supernatural soap aimed towards teens and young adults.
Rob 11 napja
Yeah wtf was that show...that weird doll kid freaked me out
Jon To
Jon To 11 napja
Langdon Alger
Langdon Alger 11 napja
So they don’t bring out all the guests at the same time anymore?
Langdon Alger
Langdon Alger 11 napja
@T Electronix yeah, I thought of that, but I wasn’t sure if they just were planning on making the change anyway.
T Electronix
T Electronix 11 napja
Covid measures, probably.
Fun Travel
Fun Travel 11 napja
I wish all students full success in their exams and studies. 💖
Varun choudary J
Btch please
Jon To
Jon To 11 napja
Clarissa Egrubay
She was my girl crush during her Sky High days and she's just gorgeous!! 💖💖💖
Jaxson Worley
Jaxson Worley 10 napja
@Andres Rodriguez exactly
Andres Rodriguez
She was my crush in Scott Pilgrim movie
Reymarc Marcelino
Hey my thoughts exactly. She was my first hollywood crush.. and been a huge fan since.
the mint of nct
the mint of nct 11 napja
she is so gorgeous💓
⭕DaRtH VaDeR⭕
Excellent work in Kate, hope Lana see Kate earlier n casted you new Trinity in Matrix new movies She can be new Sigourney Weaver, looked alot like Sigourney in few scenes of Kate.
Moses Freitzberg
No on the sigourney weaver thing and no on her being the so called new trinity for matrix, either you're drunk or just completely stupid.
New AAA Super
New AAA Super 11 napja
it was an awesome movie... highly recommend it
Khloe Zelda
Khloe Zelda 8 napja
watchgirls18. com she was awesome as Kate.
RKO1988 11 napja
She is beautiful.
Alyson ryley
Alyson ryley 11 napja
var.fyi splendid
Mo Fo
Mo Fo 11 napja
I’m a little bi-furious
Jack Deegan
Jack Deegan 11 napja
I'm in Lesbians with her!
I believe she also gained a certain nickname a while back.
T Electronix
T Electronix 11 napja
Milambo 11 napja
Passions was huge in Zambia!! And yes, very creepy..😃
Yuriel Cundangan
Popular Opinion: Every single one of y'all agrees Mary on Birds of Prey made our Day much😈:
Riley Warshton
Riley Warshton 10 napja
She's easily one of the best part of it, I would absolutely love to see more of her as Huntress
Jon To
Jon To 11 napja
Karlen Ranisg
Karlen Ranisg 11 napja
vae.fyi diverting
Prismq Carolann
Prismq Carolann 11 napja
vay.fyi fab
Tsubasa Takahashi
KSIMON 11 napja
Demi Lilianna
Demi Lilianna 8 napja
watchgirls18. com Kate made me really love her
Катерина Таро
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