Patrick Stewart Had the Worst Car of the "Next Generation" 

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James asks Patrick Stewart about "Star Trek Day'' - coming to Paramount+ on September 8, celebrating the anniversary of the series premiere in 1966. And Patrick explains why he was a late bloomer when it came to upgrading his car early in his career, and the price he had to pay for it with his co-stars.

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2021.szept. 8.






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SimpleOne2 4 napja
I need more Picard!
Kandy Kane
Kandy Kane 11 napja
That's 100% adorable. I have a feeling if I were in Patrick Stewart's position, I also would have bought a nice second hand car. (probably not a Honda though) Buying a new car always seemed like a scam to me.
Member when Patrick hated on james? I member
Pulseczar1 14 napja
Thanks, Paramount, for taking Star Trek away from Netflix while I'm watching it. Hopefully Prime doesn't lose it, too. I haven't seen it actually leave Netflix, yet, though, but I read it was supposed to happen at the beginning of September.
John Byars Entertainment
"Is the parking brake on?"
Peter Bathum
Peter Bathum 16 napja
the possibility of what our species could do if we all worked together is what start trek held out, for me and a generation of people. excellent work. now keep going.
DLZ2000 16 napja
I'm assuming it was Dorn, since he's a pilot.
retnavybrat 14 napja
I'm pretty sure it was. I vaguely remember listening to a podcast ages ago in which he and some other TNG cast members were asked what their most indulgent purchase was and Dorn answered with a specific type of plane.
Luthien S
Luthien S 16 napja
I wanna hit like but I dont wanna change the 666 :D
PC Henderson
PC Henderson 16 napja
It's nice to know Patrick Stewart has common sense and didn't go out and spend all his money right away when he became famous. It makes me like him more that he was cautious.
davidshead 16 napja
As I recall it was a Honda Prelude and Wil Wheaton got a higher trim level Prelude
annabelvb 16 napja
I haven’t watched in a while, when did the desk during interviews become a thing?
retnavybrat 14 napja
It's probably a COVID precaution.
Varok Saurfang
Varok Saurfang 16 napja
Hey Honda is a solid car.
Angel us
Angel us 17 napja
I Luv Patrick Stewart Great Actor just listen to Him talking you can learn so much.
Naomi Arram
Naomi Arram 17 napja
Two Brits saying that nothing is quite like Star Trek, when they both know just a wee bit about Dr Who
retnavybrat 14 napja
Corden, especially.
Banjamin 17 napja
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Pulseczar1 14 napja
@Nick Davison *fake comments
Nick Davison
Nick Davison 17 napja
I wish someone would create a whole thread of comments aiming to scam me out of my money...
Ramsey Greg juana
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Lark Davis
Lark Davis 17 napja
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Emily. 17 napja
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Za Z
Za Z 17 napja
Patrick is talking about Worf! His real name is Michael Dorn. He bought a airplane because he likes to fly.
P Lem
P Lem 11 napja
Also do not forget. Just because some of the cast bought expensive cars and plane. Does not mean they paid cash for them. Might have been long term loans. People that are into flying. Tend to take out allot of loans to fuel their passion. People are taking out 20 year loans on 90000 dollar walleye boats right now.
Gabe Logan
Gabe Logan 14 napja
@Bob D huh? Are you referring to the right comment? I was talking about Marina Sirtis salary DURING her run on TNG. Not her expenses and taxes which has nothing to do with what you get paid. And Marina was a broke actor when TNG premiered. She worked at the mall to supplement her income. She wouldn't have to pay income taxes in the UK nor could she afford a home in England.
Bob D
Bob D 14 napja
@Gabe Logan I wonder if it was 'earned' versus 'paid'. IE, at the time she wasn't an American citizen, so there's more taken off the paycheck... plus the likely cost of having a second home back in the UK at least for a while and maybe less in royalties in the years after?
Gabe Logan
Gabe Logan 15 napja
@Annie Primeau I doubt it. That plane has to be over thirty years. He bought many planes since.
Annie Primeau
Annie Primeau 15 napja
I did not know that! Does he still have it?
Travis Layes
Travis Layes 17 napja
Go Patrick!!!!!
boobtuber06 17 napja
Why don’t you guys just post the interview in its entirety??
Shaggy Rogers
Shaggy Rogers 17 napja
James can’t be classy like sir Patrick, he comes off as bitter
Luthien S
Luthien S 16 napja
How judgemental of you :)
Zach 17 napja
I hate James Cordon
Naomi Arram
Naomi Arram 17 napja
And yet you're watching clips on HUtown
Bonghune Zhou
Bonghune Zhou 17 napja
Who is James "Cordon"?
TravelWell 17 napja
That’s hate speech
Jeff1701 17 napja
Work flies airplanes😎😎😎😎😎
Pete Jams
Pete Jams 17 napja
What a sweet humble man
Ayşenur Ayan
Ayşenur Ayan 17 napja
Waiting for the episode when James will talk about going to Harry's first Love On Tour show :))) please lmk if it happens
Brandon Young-Kemkes
I would’ve been the guy buying the airplane.
Za Z
Za Z 17 napja
That would be Worf! Real name is Michael Dorn.
Rayne Michelle
Rayne Michelle 17 napja
It weirds me out that Star Trek is only 20 years older than me.
TravelWell 17 napja
That doesn’t make a lot of sense.
R Intuitive
R Intuitive 17 napja
He does look like an Alien :)
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
Pam R
Pam R 17 napja
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
Groovelessons 17 napja
The most fake James ever was. He’s still angry at Patrik.
Isa Fisch
Isa Fisch 17 napja
What is he angry about?
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
Катерина Таро
penumbra2020 17 napja
So happy to see him :)
Mikcy 0224 Chang
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
Thomas Dahwood Jr
@adoniyas aklog ???
adoniyas aklog
adoniyas aklog 17 napja
Shut up
Paddy Nevs
Paddy Nevs 17 napja
Surprised how they are still talking after their argument
das 1988
das 1988 42 perccel
@Frizzle the Cat Damn! Does anyone know how to use youtube around here??? Jesus q christ....HERE....hutown.info/base/vide/03eot6aJq4G7eZY.html
@rare I guess you aren't familiar with Cordens previous work, back when he was funny and could take a joke. It was meant as a reference and clearly he expected it to get some banter going as it would with most if not all comedians but Corden like the panzy he has become bit hard which for a comedian and host in the middle of a show is extremely unprofessional. For a time I worked in the event industry and met a number of celebrities and let me tell you all comedians can take a joke and will playfully fire back, the polar opposite of how Corden is now, they do not bite or take things seriously. They are also by far the most pleasant to work with and have respect for crews making an effort to interact with them unlike most singers and actors. Corden just comes off like all the bitter diva celebrities I worked with. The man used to have no problem getting his belly out and using it as a platform for jokes, the second someone references that his reaction is basically "how dare you... do you know who I am?". He thinks far too much of himself and frankly he should have been honored that Sir Patrick Stewart was familiar with his work and comedy style.
rare 6 napja
@EmpyreanDreamer you think that ‘joke’ was pre approved? I could see your belly all the way from over there? Whatever you need to tell yourself to get through the day mate I suppose. Stewart came off badly here, and everyone knows it.
@rare What are you talking about? He's a brit and knew he was going up with a british comedian who is known for joking about his weight. Corden was at fault, a comedian of all people should be able to take a bit of heckling. Instead he just interrupted him and proceeded to bully him into backing down so if anything Patrick cant be judged at all because James didnt even let him finish the joke before making it awkward as hell. The joke was probably prepared or approved by someone, it may have even been pre-written for him. This is why the guy has a chat show, he isn't remotely funny or talented anymore.
Frizzle the Cat
Frizzle the Cat 16 napja
@sweiland75 How?
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