The Big Boss Dressed Up as a Jockey 

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Tonight is for the real ones. You wanted CBS Senior Vice President of Late Night Programming (West Coast) Nick Bernstein to dress in jockey silks, we wanted him to dress in jockey silks and tonight our wants became a reality - complete with a surprise horse! Oh, and the President of the United States is making businesses put in COVID-19 vaccination mandates.

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2021.szept. 9.






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EnderZ13 2 napja
Heels down! ^_^
Mat Broomfield
Nick is an insanely good sport!
Destinee M
Destinee M 6 napja
Ever since I found out dr Phil and piers Morgan were friends I’ve felt felt uncomfortable taking dr Phil’s professional advise on anything.
Shravani K.
Shravani K. 7 napja
it started with a freaking mask i cant with these people 😂
Johanna 2803
Johanna 2803 7 napja
How tf did I miss this
saltlakedood 7 napja
Greatest thing ever! Nick is a great sport! lol!
Artifice Fount
This is, like, my 3rd(?) Comment...on HUtown, ever. Nick, you are the G.O.A.T..
Kate Lugg
Kate Lugg 9 napja
Nick's comments when he was on the horse are pure gold
brie sullivan
brie sullivan 9 napja
Nick Bernstein, you're a great sport! (unlike horse racing). Your level of commitment to making the show fun is awesome and from your epic and swiftly ascending return behind the bar to watching you climb onto a fake horse dressed as a jockey based on a joke about the face mask your mom gifted you, I have thoroughly enjoyed your presence in the trust tree! 🙌🏻 Well played!
James 's Contract expires in 2022 and he will retire . That is why Nick said about Signing the Contract
Shani Ace
Shani Ace 10 napja
Lol that was awesome, kudos to Nick Bernstein for not only going through with it but actually making it fun as well. Great episode! 🤣
Shawn 10 napja
2:25 except he’s not a real doctor so…..
Susanne T.
Susanne T. 10 napja
😆 Love this 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 way to Go Nick 👏🏻👍🏻
Kandy Kane
Kandy Kane 10 napja
And this is why Nick has his own fanbase. Such a good sport! Props to Nick. 👍👍
Michelle Johnson
Seriously Nick needs a raise. So cool!
S B 10 napja
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Alina Topalova
Alina Topalova 10 napja
As one of the regulars, big "Thank you" for the whole jockey story!!
Weird NotLame
Weird NotLame 10 napja
Lol I feel so special being a “regular” lmfao
Hermes 10 napja
The “little cheese” gets on his high horse!
Niki Dearest GoGo aka Dancing Dragon
Never bring back the audience, this show is absolutely perfect now 🤣
Francisco Montano
The bit on the Pope sending ice cream to inmates! lol. the note lol
Francisco Montano
Nick is a very awesome person. Laughing at his expense :). Nick B! ur awesome and fun addition to the show
Cinthya Mena
Cinthya Mena 11 napja
got my like due to Bernstein's outfit, and I don't even know the backstory of why he's dressed like this
Vanessa Evans
Vanessa Evans 11 napja
The music the band chose for that moment was 😘👐 chef's kiss
Adrian Vafides
Adrian Vafides 11 napja
Nick is such a trooper and sweatheart lol absolutely love this show ❤
jigokusoul 11 napja
Natalie🦄 11 napja
Haha I love the "there's no time to explain, this is for the regulars" line
Louise Fay
Louise Fay 11 napja
I wanna work there so bad lol
EyesOfByes 11 napja
Just because Nick is such a good sport, I'm liking this video 😁 All hail the algorithm
onnitbruv innit
onnitbruv innit 11 napja
This has to be one of the best.
Nicole G
Nicole G 11 napja
Ok but Nick should just reuse parts of the costume for a halloween week. The shirt as a harlequin. The pants for baseball player. Etc.
didderjade 11 napja
You know what? I do not give a good goddamn whether this is entirely planned and rehearsed or not. You - the writers, the crew, Nick, Reggie, James - are all the silliest of trolls gracing us with the silliest of pranks every night and we thank you for it.
Beth-Mij 11 napja
OMG he actually dressed as a jockey!! This is so amazing! Thank you for providing this unbeatable comedy & entertainment. LOVE YOUR SHOW!!
Duke Okpara
Duke Okpara 11 napja
Hands down my favorite episode ever!!! 😹😹😹
Duke Okpara
Duke Okpara 11 napja
‘Senior, there is no junior. Vice President, there is no president’ I died 😹💔💔💔💔
norzzie D
norzzie D 12 napja
Great show as always Love this show Thanks Nick Love ya too James
Lorento omashola omatseye
Nick stole the show 😀😅😅
David Jokell
David Jokell 12 napja
those reggie intros are the worst...
J Baldwin
J Baldwin 12 napja
Steve’s glasses for the news bit 👌🏼
J Baldwin
J Baldwin 12 napja
Nick is a good sport and a damn good boss.
Gee S
Gee S 12 napja
One more thing though. Has anybody noticed that the f-ing horse is looking as if it is made of chocolate. GEE S. from Germany
Gee S
Gee S 12 napja
James could have saved the whole situation by giving the horse the name "Dignity". There must have been a race-horse with that name once somewhere. Very funny anyway. Love the show. GEE S. from Germany
Devy Larasati
Devy Larasati 12 napja
Nick is blushing like crazy. 😂😂😂
RJ McDonald
RJ McDonald 12 napja
I love you Nick!! I wish you were my boss!
Arnika Shanti
Arnika Shanti 12 napja
This was awesome! Thank you Nick for being such a great sport!
Jewel_298 *
Jewel_298 * 12 napja
Brilliant Nick I loved his laugh at the end - he got James
jedidiah M
jedidiah M 12 napja
Sign the contract James!!!
SuzyQ Marie
SuzyQ Marie 12 napja
Pure GOLD! The LLS keeps getting better and better. :)
Eric Piche
Eric Piche 12 napja
Best clips in late night
Tair McCloud
Tair McCloud 12 napja
I love a Boss that goes above and beyond to make the staff enjoy coming to work. He was really Cute.
T. K.
T. K. 12 napja
Nick is a great sport. A real class act, even if he wears women's underwear on his face. But hey, I'm not going to judge.
Minenhle Mbele
Minenhle Mbele 12 napja
If I didn't know better, I'd say the late late show bullies Nick😂😂😂😭
Mess Greedweedy
Mess Greedweedy 12 napja
Nick is a champion!! 💯😁
mastasaad 12 napja
Excellent! Now can we see it on a cruise ship?
Amy Collins
Amy Collins 12 napja
“There’s no time, this is for the regulars” 👏🏼😂 🐴
Jack Dier
Jack Dier 12 napja
This is literally a Spoonful of Sugar for the upcoming Covid Propaganda
Henry Tuttle
Henry Tuttle 12 napja
Sooooo much respect for Nick.
Julie Podewitz
Julie Podewitz 12 napja
Jockey, moisturizer…do we need anything else?
Joy McDonald
Joy McDonald 13 napja
Nick was a good sport. Says a lot about the man
Norse Maiden
Norse Maiden 13 napja
I'm here for the Nick content. Giddy-up!
AthenaGoddess 13 napja
This was fantastic. Nick is such a good sport. Only problem I had was why are they all hyping up Dr Phil, also why is he even on the show. Its well known he's unethical, an asshole and has been accused of sexual assault not to mention has had multiple lawsuits filed against him. He's not a good dude so little disappointed to see all this hype for him. Still love the show and apart from that this monologue was great.
The Facts of Life
Hello James! Here’s a little something for fun: hutown.info/base/vide/12Slz6Smm3immrM.html
Kathy English
Kathy English 13 napja
I didn't think it was possible for poor Nick Bernstein to be any more likeable. Great running bit!
lyrachle 13 napja
just wondering how many proposals of marriage Nick has received. A healing joy, this is.
Specs 13 napja
This show keeps on getting better. Hope they never go back to the live audience everyone else is doing. Having just the staff/writers as part of the show makes it more unique. I d be looking forward to watching the clips to catch on what’s nick’s up to, what crazy thing did Susan do, how is “the news” jingle evolving (yes, I am a regular) 😄
scatmanslaz 13 napja
I like Nick. Nick is fun.
Andrew Watts
Andrew Watts 13 napja
This episode deserves and Emmy... nominated!
B L 13 napja
I really love the show, it makes me feel like I’m part of it.👍🏼
B L 13 napja
I can’t believe you guys Made him sit on a horse.
robbie farrington
The dysfunctional metal surely empty because home anaerobically rejoice aboard a creepy sofa. itchy, puzzled seal
SP3CK 13 napja
the watch on your wrist isnt making you look any more 'mature' mate. if that is what you are going for... just be yourself mate.
Ganel Bryan
Ganel Bryan 13 napja
Nick needs his own show!
James Cordan
James Cordan 12 napja
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m ch
m ch 13 napja
Sir Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofsky AKA Nick
m ch
m ch 13 napja
Krusty the Clown Sideshow Bob Nick B.
D S 13 napja
Alright CBS, after this monolog you have got to understand how much this show is better without an audience. The interaction between the staff is genuine. The banter puts this show over the top. If you bring back an audience; t'll be just like any other late-night and probably get cancelled
Anna Kvachko
Anna Kvachko 13 napja
I think Nick has finally loosened up a little
WeeAun Sim
WeeAun Sim 13 napja
Superb, best talk show ever, period
Tracey Holt
Tracey Holt 13 napja
If James doesn't sign a contract .... Nick should take over as host!
Dominic Young
Dominic Young 13 napja
If and when James signs a new contract you should do a skit where you trick him into signing it!
Lynette Burston
Lynette Burston 13 napja
LEGEND....Nick 😇
No One
No One 13 napja
Nick is the best boss ever.
Jopa 13 napja
I just hope Nick is aware of the fan base he has built on HUtown out of being nothing but the best boss on television.
Popular Music
Popular Music 13 napja
Nick Bernsteinnnnnnnnnnnnn
S W 13 napja
If James tries to play hardball in his next contract negotiation he's going to look like such a jerk 🤣
Le Hong Nhu
Le Hong Nhu 13 napja
The standing skin congruently trust because fir collaterally trouble an a mighty brush. vivacious, godly parent
Prettygirlcn5 13 napja
2:21 Maybe it was because James had just mentioned “Doctor”,” but I totally heard a Dalek when Ian’s voice went higher 💙 Also, somehow Nick in that jockey suit just looks right 😂❤️💁🏽‍♀️
James Cordan
James Cordan 12 napja
Hi, prettyface, i know this is like a dream to you.Thank you for being a fan i really appreciate still comments on my old page It's the season of love so I decide to put smile ☺ on the face of my fans by going through old post of my official page and hitting up random fans, So I can get to relate with my fans better though discussion of depth and humour, listening to compliments and criticism on my career walk❤️❤️...
rad iohead
rad iohead 14 napja
remember when they kept making his chair higher and higher
teletalk101 14 napja
If this isn’t now Nick’s LinkedIn photo, then what was the point if any of this?😂
Mikey Moran
Mikey Moran 14 napja
Nick. Is. The. Man! He deserves an award for this
Jedii Kniight
Jedii Kniight 14 napja
Me to Nick: daddy? Sorry. Daddy? Sorry. Daddy? Sorry. Daddy?
Molly Jones
Molly Jones 14 napja
The regulars thank you!
Loyal Egan
Loyal Egan 14 napja
This is the greatest late night show on television! The staff, and execs! are hilarious. Nick’s commitment is legendary! Hats off!
Marz Tye
Marz Tye 14 napja
If this show was a vaccine, the entire world would be covid free in 24hrs
Marc Jason Ali
Marc Jason Ali 14 napja
nick is a good sport, he could seriously fire all of them if he was annoyed
Dezre Mathews
Dezre Mathews 14 napja
The effeminate James Corden and the hippies in the studio are nothing but bullies.
Dezre Mathews
Dezre Mathews 14 napja
Now that's just work place harrasment. Poor Nick
Demerara Gold
Demerara Gold 14 napja
Dr Phil aint shit. He is on record saying "more people dye from swimming pools than the COVID" on F@x News
manoj krishnamurthy
The staff interaction is amazing and i love it.
Breno Bacci
Breno Bacci 14 napja
LOL Closing song very much on the vibe of Bob's Burgers credits tunes... Nicely done, Reggie!
Sephin Alexander
Have Hard Seltzers Gone Too Far?
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