What Are Your Top 4 Fast Food Items? 

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James's plunge into the news leads him to a story about a restaurant that allows diners to combine items from their favorite menus, which leads to a random survey of the room for everyone's Top 4 fast food items.

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2021.szept. 8.






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Nicky W
Nicky W 4 napja
5:22 "it was bang, bang and then suddenly just UgHgh"🤣🤣
SW1 5 napja
Didn't even call James "Commissioner Jim Corden"...?
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan 9 napja
Ooooh The diet Coke....
Jon Poon
Jon Poon 10 napja
Aw man. I was hoping for a song in Bb
Turbojonny5 10 napja
I dont get why people luv that filet o fish... Its not a filet and doesnt taste like fish. Is like eating a sandwich full of that stuffin from buildabear:bland as F
S B 10 napja
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Mary Olivier
Mary Olivier 10 napja
Six minutes and twenty one seconds is entirely too short!!!!!! Don’t let this happen again. I didn’t get my “fix for the day “. 😭😢😰😥
Allison Dynamite
Burger King fries?!?! That’s a shame.
Rat Life Records
weird things you eat
Emily S
Emily S 12 napja
Sonic's peanut butter shake Backyard Burgers cheeseburger Rally's fries Cheesecake Factory ultimate red velvet cheesecake
E Grainger
E Grainger 12 napja
Still got that cheap suit?
Karla Kemp
Karla Kemp 12 napja
Yuck. 2 chick fil a endorsements. I thought James and his crew were better than homophobic chicken.
David Kempton
David Kempton 12 napja
A "young Commissioner Gordon?" More like Fatman... ☃ 😁 Sorry, James - you DO sing better than Adam West...
David Kempton
David Kempton 12 napja
And top 4: Brownie Batter Shake - BK McDonald's fries Double-Double with BOTH onions (no fast food place will cook RARE, dammit! Chicken thigh from KFC...
Janet Thomas-Mac
You know you want it. love it! :)
Emily Clark
Emily Clark 12 napja
The fact that two of you promoted such a vile company as Chick fil a is absolutely appalling! This is part of the reason we deal with so much crap in this country!
Tair McCloud
Tair McCloud 12 napja
I would do the spicy chicken deluxe sandwich from Chick-fa-la, Reg nuggets from Wendy's, sweet tea from McDonald's, and fries from Burger King.
Guillaume 12 napja
You guys have such a fast-food culture! It’s really sad. You should really a) eat less and b) eat less shit.
Jessie Dean
Jessie Dean 12 napja
. This guy looks like he has a top 400 😂😂🤣🤣 .
Duir Bran
Duir Bran 12 napja
"Burger King fries" - the worst chips ever.
Brian W
Brian W 12 napja
WAWA pork roll egg and cheese on bagel, BK Onion Rings, soft supreme beef taco (the bell) and a frosty from Wendy's
tehBryman 13 napja
How McDonalds Fries didn't make these lists is beyond me! Chick-fil-a Spicy Chicken Sandwich McDonald's Fries (Large) Moe's Stack Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard
coychoux 13 napja
Quesarito from tacobell, chick fil a lemonade, arbys fries, steak and shake burger, Burger king fries James?!
Piotr. Moes
Piotr. Moes 13 napja
Chickfila is for bigots
somishows 13 napja
Ian just hit all my favourites bang on.
Archie Sto
Archie Sto 13 napja
Orange Shake from Arby's, Checkers/Rally's French Fries, Quarter Pounder - McDonalds, Cheesy Tot's from Burger King
Chilli Chilli
Chilli Chilli 13 napja
Bring ABBA !!! 👏👏👏
Adrianne Merideth
1. Checkers fries 2. The chicken sandwich from Wendy's four-for-four 3. Captain D's fried Whiting 4. Peach shake from Chick-fil-A (I had never heard of this, but all they had to say was Peach - thanks, Wendy J.).
MyAngrySanta 13 napja
Cherry Coke Zero in an ice cold can.
Tania Rz
Tania Rz 13 napja
Zero favorite fast foods.
Mz Smitten Kitten
Always have to bring Trump into the convo? Lol you miss him admit it!!!! 😂😂😂 you don’t want to admit biden is a hot hot mess!!!!
jayzah one
jayzah one 14 napja
Filipino version here: jollibee spaghetti, KFC original chicken thigh, mcdonald's fries and Tim Horton's french vanilla Now I'm hungry
Adrienne Hosek
Adrienne Hosek 14 napja
Bean borrito from Chipotle. Shake shack hamburger. McDonalds fries. Pot belly banana shake.
Maria Baumgartel
BurgerKing: Impossible whopper !!!!
Aanya Singh 👶💛
Dear Mr. James Cordon, Petetion for you to kidnap 5 liars who told us that they'll be back soon and have no idea how much time 18 months is. We kindly request you to bring them back together ASAP because promises are not meant to be broken. Sincerely, Every fookin' directioner
TangoandCash 14 napja
If I'm in a mood for a inexpensive burger...Angus burger from Carl's Jr, fries from Opa Life Greek Cafe, Marion Berry Lemonade from MOD PIZZA.
D Bone
D Bone 14 napja
Setting aside that the Filet O Fish is freaking disgusting... ...Burger King has the weakest fries in the fast food game.
Brian Meaker
Brian Meaker 14 napja
I don't care what anyone says Winnie go ahead and have your diet coke cuz that's how I roll 2
Hussam Abusharkh
obviously the correct answer that ANY fast food lover would pick #1 fries from mcdonalds, they may have fake everything else, but their fries ARE the best, #2 flame grilled burger from B-Bobs and if you don't have a B-bobs in your state they you better drive to one, SoO Worth it. #3 Original Steak Taco From Tasty Tacos, and again if you don't have one in your state, you don't know what you're missing, and finally #4 top it all off with Burger King's new spicy Deluxe Ch'KING sandwich. Now that's a meal!
Jordie Pop
Jordie Pop 14 napja
Mine would be. Chik fli a spicy chicken sandwich deluxe, five guys Cajun fries, oreo mcflurry, and the Arnold palmer from chik FIL a. If you say I can't get 2 things from same place. Then double double with lite raw chopped onions
Jordie Pop
Jordie Pop 14 napja
Whiney is literally the only one that played the game right
Zanna 15 napja
McD's Fish Filet sandwich is hilariously tiny...too small for a child. Tasty...but not worth it.
nlbhaduri 15 napja
What?! Rubio’s FISH TACOS!, Five Guys fries, Popeye’s spicy chicken, and a Wendy’s Thick & Frosty chocolate shake
Frank Rizzo
Frank Rizzo 15 napja
Winnie's my Girl! Double/Double at In-N-Out with onion!😍 I've got no problem washing it down with a Diet Coke! Make mine a combo...love them 🍟!
Angel Divine
Angel Divine 15 napja
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piers gitface
piers gitface 15 napja
Usa keep him. The UK hates him. He's not funny
randy batson
randy batson 15 napja
Longer monologues please!!!
flexxy flexxy
flexxy flexxy 15 napja
Ugh too short 😪
Yuumain 15 napja
There's no way they could ignore Culver's or Raising Cains if they had them in LA
Christopher Thompson
Culver’s is a joke at least in FL
Jibril Quincy
Jibril Quincy 15 napja
I love the fast-food segment. Can you do a web poll for all your viewer? We want to take part too
M. Wood
M. Wood 15 napja
Y’all miss out on A&W Teen Burger!
Jason Long
Jason Long 15 napja
Sounds like a fantasy draft.....
Rebecca 15 napja
Dairy Queen chicken strips with gravy extra gravy Pizza Hut cheesy bread Sonic cherry lime aid with extra cherry flavoring Burger King whopper with cheese no pickle
Christopher Raymond
Can we discuss what an absolute gem of a genius we have in Reggie?
Okin Nivlek
Okin Nivlek 15 napja
McD's double quarter pounder, Rally's fries, Five Guys milkshake, Lees fried chicken livers. 😆
The Kellers
The Kellers 15 napja
Burger King Onion Rings with Jimmy John’s Spicy Italian and KFC coleslaw and DQ Peanut Buster Parfait
Lynda Weister
Lynda Weister 12 napja
iThink itHappen
iThink itHappen 15 napja
all around 4 best fast food : Pizza , Mc Burger , Poutine , Mac and Cheese ..
Val F
Val F 15 napja
Listen, I get it. You need to cut the monologue to fit the show. But why not post the whole thing on HUtown? 6 minutes isn't nearly enough!
Mythrus Thelema
Mythrus Thelema 15 napja
In and out animal fries, Popeye's chicken sandwich, Wendy's Triple Baconator, Jack in the Box chocolate Shake🤢🤮
Connie Sedona
Connie Sedona 15 napja
Yeah, I'm one of those people who orders a Diet Pepsi with my burger and fries, not because I'm deceiving myself about calories but because I prefer the taste!
Okin Nivlek
Okin Nivlek 15 napja
Ditto. It's also easier to drink. I feel overloaded with a real sugar coke, but with diet it tastes better and I can eat extra food. Definitely not worried about the calories.
Beena Plumber
Beena Plumber 15 napja
How do you motivate college kids to... STOP! The answer will always be free pizza. Make sure to have vegan & gluten-free options, and if you really want to drive it home, add free beer. There are ways to do that legally and officially. We did it at the University of Minnesota - had to pay for off-duty cops & have roped-off areas and non-drinking event staff, but it's doable! Beer is the obvious answer, but pizza is far easier, and actually, far more effective. You can openly appeal tgo the entire student body with pizza. (But if you want the faculty as well, it's gotta be beer or wine with cheese. Pizza counts! They get free food everywhere.)
arikajoyce 15 napja
McNuggets (w/ Cajun and sweet chili sauce) Popeyes spicy chicken Chillen fil a waffle fries w/ chik fil a sauce Culvers chocolate shake
Elaine Ferry
Elaine Ferry 15 napja
Oh my, the suit!
maryhazlett 15 napja
Winnie - I've cream cone from McD's is a no-no. Their machines are always broken.
Linda Schutz
Linda Schutz 15 napja
James, absolutely positively do not ever wear that suit that has all the bugs all over it.you know what I’m talking about because you usually wear it with that bumble bee tie. You know what I mean. Stop it! Take that lord of the flies suit to the the garbage bin and save us all from that fly tape reference from our horrible youth.
Joy McDonald
Joy McDonald 15 napja
Monologue too short. Sexy ad 4 getting vac cud work. Worth a shot.
TheGAMESHARQ 16 napja
Nothing personal, but the girl at 4:46 is a classic example of why so many overweight people never lose any weight despite their attempts at "dieting". They think they can stuff their faces with cheeseburgers, french fries, and ice cream and getting a diet coke with it will make up for all those extra calories.
TheGAMESHARQ 13 napja
@Kathy 2122 Sure she does
Kathy 2122
Kathy 2122 13 napja
No, she likes the taste of Diet Coke over regular Coke.
Christina White
Christina White 16 napja
BURGER KING fries???
Frank Rizzo
Frank Rizzo 15 napja
I hear ya Girlfriend! 🤮
Huntress Artemis
bring back drop the mic please
Albert Ukrainskiy
Big Mac Chick-Fil-A Sandwich Chicken Quesadilla TB Arby’s Curly Fries
Josh Kidd
Josh Kidd 16 napja
Steve, did you your news jingle get cut for time?
Tarek Yassine
Tarek Yassine 16 napja
burger king fries? all because you picked a filet o'fish. it always goes downhill from the filet. popeyes spicy chicken sandwich, mcdonalds french fries, double double animal style (if on west coast - subbed for a double shackburger with cheese on east coast) and a shake from sonic to wash it down.
Im Right U’re Wrong
Mine would be Burger King chicken burger Popeye fries Oreo ice team McDonald’s Pizza Hut Deep fried hershie cookie
bananamansam01 16 napja
Give us the Snyder Cut of this monologue!!!
Matt Murdock
Matt Murdock 16 napja
Baja Chicken Gordita Taco Bell, Spicy Chicken Sandwich Wendy's, McDonald's Fries, and a Whopper Jr.
Caleb Grill
Caleb Grill 16 napja
My top 5 5. Wendys Spicy Nuggets 4. Burger King Fries 3. Wendys Frostie 2. Arbys Curly Fries 1. McDonald's Double Quarter Pounder with cheese, ketchup, and mustard.
RadioGoodGuy 16 napja
Ian has the best selection!
Brittany Jenkins
im the bigest fan i love you james corden
Apple 707
Apple 707 16 napja
Winnie wtf with ur diet coke lol I dont like when reggie takes his glasses off....I forget he has eye balls, I like to think of him as a robot and those glasses are his eyes. wtf James, BK fries? ew, no. I thought Ian's would be better but he let me down. I think Cheesy Gordita Crunch, McDonalds Fries, a Sourdough Jack and a Wendys Frosty
UTubeDUDE2010 16 napja
Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, Mcdonalds Cheeseburger, Inn and Out Shake, and Arbys Roast beef sandwich.
Jacob Rearick
Jacob Rearick 16 napja
Arby’s curly fries.
Owen Thompson
Owen Thompson 16 napja
James’ favourite fast food item is the whole menu
Mighty One
Mighty One 16 napja
Yeah, probably little bags of chips that some places sell, because I don't like fast food very much, but I do eat a lot of chips. They're not as good as an actual meal, but you can just do whatever and eat them, and they're still delicious. Fast food is in between, where you can easily eat while you drive, or do some other minor task while eating. Actual food requires your full attention, and you should probably sit down to do it. I like actual food and chips, I feel like fast food does nothing for me, and with gluten sensitivity, I can't really eat a lot of it. I don't miss it, but I can cook fairly well, and make much better food than a fast food joint can feasibly. I think if you aren't able to cook the types of food you generally like, yeah, fast food is probably a godsend.
Michele Falvo
Michele Falvo 16 napja
In and Out Double Double with grilled onions, Jack in the Box egg rolls, McDonald's french fries, Chili cheese dog from Weinerschnitzel! Mic drop! hahaha
Daniel Gregory
Daniel Gregory 16 napja
Filet-O-Fish won't hold a candle to Arby's fish sandwich, or even a BK Big Fish--much smaller, and usually mushy...😕🇺🇸
Salauddin Mustafa
I always thought my mum was the only person who loved Burger King Fries.. Haha. Guess not! My list: 1) Shake Shack Cheese Burger 2) KFC 3pc Meal 3) Nandos chips 4) 5 Guys Milkshake
Cody Joe
Cody Joe 16 napja
McDonald’s has better Diet Coke. But if you’re gonna go for a restaurant specific drink it’s Baja Blast from Taco Bell. Light ice.
Falnow 16 napja
burger king fries >> mac fries .. he wasn't wrong
TKM 16 napja
John Souza
John Souza 16 napja
I'm sad and surprised you and your staff support Chick-fil-A. Still love you just extremely disappointed.
Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places
For viewers here in the United States, you have to try the Spicy Tiny Tacos from Jack-in-the-Box. I normally don’t eat fast food from Jack-in-the-Box but the Tiny Tacos are delicious - especially with the lime/avocado dipping sauce!
Karen Van Etten
Karen Van Etten 13 napja
@Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places 3rd
Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places
@Okin Nivlek I hope you like them! Let me know what you think.
Exploring Abandoned Mines and Unusual Places
@Jordie Pop I think the meat has a little bit more spicy seasoning in it than normal. Also, the red shells are mildly spicy. If you get the avocado lime dipping sauce, that adds a little bit of heat, too. But it’s nothing that’s going to set your mouth on fire or anything like that.
Jordie Pop
Jordie Pop 14 napja
What are the spicy ones like? Is it flaming hot seasoning? Or what? I like the loaded ones. But the spicy one look radioactive
Okin Nivlek
Okin Nivlek 15 napja
You've convinced me. I see Jack in the Box every week and never been there.
yi chen
yi chen 16 napja
1.KFC 2.Five guys 3……..pizzza hut?! 4.sushi lolzzzzz
Toby Wan Keen oh Bees
James had the weakest menu out of all of them even with the diet coke 🤣 burger king Fries are just regular fries you can get at the store and popped in the oven lmao
Kate Cosette
Kate Cosette 16 napja
You know their monologues are golden when they cut it short for carpool karaoke and we're heartbroken😂💔
Brilliant Cut
Brilliant Cut 16 napja
Madness. McDonalds Quarter Pounder Wendy's spicy chicken nuggets Jack in the box bacon cheese potato wedges. Diet coke BECAUSE I CAN
~Wania Playzz~
~Wania Playzz~ 16 napja
Plz do spill ur guts or fill ur guts with 1D members if together is not possible then do it separately pleaseee
Nicole Letson
Nicole Letson 16 napja
Reggie has me about ready to beg for my booster! 😍
Sanjay Corr
Sanjay Corr 16 napja
Release the Tape ԅ( ͒ ۝ ͒ )ᕤ
Chudi 16 napja
They're getting their shots cos we sensible ones put our foot down. Get a shot or lose your job. You got your freedoms, we got ours-freedom to be free of your damn selfishness and ignorance. That's why we're at 75%.
Philip Thompson
Philip Thompson 16 napja
Winnie was fine! Adding the Diet Coke to junk food is a classic move! I’m more upset with ian for having no fries and for having THE WORST onion rings you can get! Let’s not even mention the ‘fillet-o-fish’. If I want battered fish I’ll go to a good chip shop, not McDonald’s. I think I’d go KFC gravy, five guys Cajun fries, McDonald’s chicken selects and a smash burger burger with triple American cheese and haystack onions.
Al Tokarchik
Al Tokarchik 16 napja
Burger King fries? THAT is a swing and a miss!
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