What Is Sir Patrick Stewart's Mantra Before 'Action'? 

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James Corden welcomes Sir Patrick Stewart to Stage 56 and James asks him what is his mantra before heading out on the stage or set. And Patrick, celebrating his wedding anniversary, brings up the fantastic connection between his wife and Late Late Show bandleader Reggie Watts. And after telling James about the process of writing his autobiography (he's got a way to go). Catch Patrick Stewart on "Star Trek Day" on Paramount+ on Sept. 8.

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2021.szept. 8.






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David Wyatt
David Wyatt 2 napja
Terrible show 🙈
Justin Mix
Justin Mix 3 napja
Wait...didn’t they hate one another? Well...how and whenever that got patched up, this is certainly nice to see. I just remember them very publicly trading awful barbs at some awards show years ago
Elliot 6 napja
I love SPS... But he became a true god as Head of CIA on American Dad.
Armand D
Armand D 8 napja
How come they're getting along now?
Andrew Seymour
Andrew Seymour 10 napja
Remember when these two were at each other's throat at that award show
hurdygurdyguy1 11 napja
4:05 .. "we bought a Steinway..." Well, I've always been a fan of Sir Patrick before but now ❤❤❤❤ (I don't play piano but we have a Steinway Parlor Grand, my wife's actually) ... Sir Patrick and his wife have a standing invitation to visit us and our Steinway!!!
AC3 12 napja
Make him President. Can you imagine him or Avery Brooks as President?!? Imagine them giving a speech…..yeah…I knew you’d like that. As of this moment, you’ll hear every Presidential speech in Sir Patrick Stewart’s or Avery Brooks’ voice.
Sekusamu 13 napja
Reading the Wikipedia pages of Brian Blessed and Patrick Stewart, I see that they were both born in Yorkshire, and they both attended Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. They have very similar voices to each other. I realise that I am displaying my lack of knowledge of British accents, but which is the bigger factor here? If I visit Old Vic will I meet a bunch of people that sound like Blessed and Stewart, or would I have to go to Yorkshire for that?
junbh2 2 napja
I think it's a combination. I have seen interviews with Patrick Stewart where he talked about the English he grew up with and it's almost unrecognizable. His speech is very very different when he goes back to his roots. OTOH, I have also heard people who know the accent say that something remains of his Yorkshire accent through the RP English. Like it's a slightly Yorkshire flavour of 'posh english'.
That GotHulk
That GotHulk 14 napja
search "james corden patrick stewart" and watch the first video from 11 years ago lol
Aanya Singh 👶💛
Dear Mr. James Cordon, Petetion for you to kidnap 5 liars who told us that they'll be back soon and have no idea how much time 18 months is. We kindly request you to bring them back together ASAP because promises are not meant to be broken. Sincerely, Every fookin' directioner
Kristina Shey
Kristina Shey 15 napja
Why did he just said the mantra I’ve been living like for the past month
Karen Swanepoel
Karen Swanepoel 15 napja
Such a great interview.
Billie Comeaux
Billie Comeaux 15 napja
He just seems like the sweetest person. I loved his "sonnet a day" on Facebook!
Peter Bathum
Peter Bathum 15 napja
Thanks so much for your life of work Sir Stewart. You're inspired and do so for us all.
bonitabrowning 16 napja
Sir Pat is amazing 🤩
A R 16 napja
Im greatful to Patrick. It brought so much joy and wonder to our lives to watch TNG and imagine new possibilities not just technologically but philosophically, and socially. It’s a treat to now share it with my kids as they get older. He could be retired or working on countless other genres but he came back to Star Trek and gave us one more season and it was a highlight for year. Thank you Patrick. And thank you CBS for adding costars with last names like “Rios.” It meant so much to my kids who don’t get many characters they can relate to, to feel seen and included in the stories.
Mr Mexican savage 21
You should do a carpool karaoke with Selena Gomez again
Alicia Falendysz
My biggest crush right up there with Dick Van Dyke. Don't care that they could be my grandparents. I just see class😍
Dylan Elijah
Dylan Elijah 16 napja
Hello 👋, how are you?
Philip Clark
Philip Clark 16 napja
Maktub was amazing. I miss them.
Nathan Lehn
Nathan Lehn 16 napja
“I know you don’t give a fuck. Because it’s your wedding anniversary and you’re here.” 😭
Sponge 17 napja
I can see your belllehhhh.
Mich W
Mich W 17 napja
Very magnanimous of James to have him on his show after the appalling way he spoke about him at an awards ceremony, I think it was GQ but don't quote me on that. Whatever their beef, they seem to have got over it, but you can never tell with these actor types.
armstrong armstrong
you can’t blame him,cordon is a dick irl
Umair 16 napja
That was a pretty shocking and cringe video
doomguy 17 napja
Sir Patrick f***ing Stewart. I love this man, he's just hilarious.
God I Love This Man!! I can listen to him speak for hours!! ❤️❤️
Dew Rotor
Dew Rotor 17 napja
You guys made up!
Nancy Rodriguez
Nancy Rodriguez 17 napja
I absolutely love this man. It was great to have meet him, even if just that one time. That picture we took, and his caring attitude towards me, a long time fan, left an unforgettable memory. The emotion I felt then, and still feel every time I think of that moment, is so vivid: kind, thoughtful, caring. What more can you ask of your platonic love? Sir Patrick Stewart you are a true gentleman sir. Thanks for not crushing this fans’ idealized version of you; even as you were facing a grueling day of people wanting your attention and pushing you every which way.
Brandon Young-Kemkes
Man that makes so much sense if anyone has a don’t give a fuck attitude “on stage” it’s this guy.
Inês Santos
Inês Santos 17 napja
Excelente actor 🙏💯🌺😋 Portugal
peter maughan
peter maughan 17 napja
What happened since this? hutown.info/base/vide/r3p2toyihYbSaZI.html
Saif Imam
Saif Imam 17 napja
who else remember the brawl james and sir patrick had in 2011 at the award show conference?
umboccioni 7 napja
I think it’s cool that it brought them together. They seem like mates now. And they also addressed it publicly, I think in comic relief by doing a sketch of them in bed together and discussing it.
More an altercation than a brawl, the latter involving physical violence and more than two people.
Carla M
Carla M 17 napja
He’s so funny and down to earth
shea hennessy
shea hennessy 17 napja
This is what a truly good human looks like. We don't deserve SPS 🧡🥺
Geoffrey Feinberg
A legend. He nailed it as Picard and Xavier.
zizinnnn 17 napja
i like that mantra
Angela 17 napja
Love him so much!!!
Dylan Elijah
Dylan Elijah 16 napja
Hello 👋, how are you?
spookmineer 17 napja
Wasn't expecting *that* but it's cool :)
SeveronJ 17 napja
LokFive 17 napja
"suddenly there's a light in the studio for all of us" ...but how many lights, Sir Patrick?
Emi Plays
Emi Plays 15 napja
@LokFive, you brilliant LEGEND you!
shea hennessy
shea hennessy 17 napja
okay you win this comment section 😂😂😂
British Precision Shooting
INGSOC 17 napja
The best professor Xavier ever... I was in tears when I watched Logan.
Tom Bromfield
Tom Bromfield 17 napja
didnt they have an awkward on-stage argument once/?
John Farlam
John Farlam 17 napja
@Naomi Roach hutown.info/base/vide/r3p2toyihYbSaZI.html
Naomi Roach
Naomi Roach 17 napja
Yes. Patrick Stewart called James out for using his phone whilst on stage (host) at an awards show, as people accepted their awards, and made a comment about his size I believe (or being disheveled). James came back with something rude/sarcastic (can’t recall what). Seems they’ve moved on! 😂
Candace Foley
Candace Foley 17 napja
Pak De
Pak De 17 napja
Sir Patrick has had a remarkable career. Back in the day Next Generation could be seen on two different channels, one the current episode and the other ran reruns of earlier episodes and I watched them all. Congratulations on your anniversary 🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾🍾
Paula 17 napja
James ought to guest Gerry Cinnamon in his show. Time so Gerry get some stateside exposure
Chaos Promotions
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
Mike Cooper
Mike Cooper 17 napja
One of the best British actors ever,proud to be British
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
Joseph Ferguson
Joseph Ferguson 17 napja
Are those real records or just props? If real, what records?
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
Maria Murczynski
Can’t wait for this autobiography! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
Wickedly Divine Feminine
"I wear this to make my guests feel bad" 😂😂😂
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
M M 17 napja
Can wait to read the book. Yes scripting or writing is great therapy and its free. He is so charming lucky wife indeed sir ☺.
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
Pam R
Pam R 17 napja
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
Julie Mora
Julie Mora 17 napja
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Dianne Green
Dianne Green 17 napja
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Anthony Barratt
Anthony Barratt 17 napja
Sir patrick Stewart is a god among men. Also hope he sees the new dune movie
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
Christopher McLaughlin
So they kissed and made up?
baDJa 17 napja
Don’t click the link
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
samtheman506 17 napja
Sooo, when did they squash their beef?
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
Yuumain 17 napja
I was just curious about the spelling...Reggie's full name: Reginald Lucien Frank Roger Watts
Nnamdi Nwoha
Nnamdi Nwoha 12 napja
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
Constantin Kwiatkowski
With over 80 such a energy .... WOW. For the last 20 years I follow his career and there are so many great moments and I definitely will buy his book. I hope there will be a lot more of him in the near future. As Iron man at DC, Patrick Stuart was, is and will be the ethic authority of Star Trek. His calm and spirit are inspiring. Thank you so much Patrick Stuart for your great commitments.
Constantin Kwiatkowski
I meant Batman
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
Kimm134Saya 17 napja
Iron Man is from Marvel.
Reyray O
Reyray O 17 napja
I had a mandela affect I swore patrick was gay guess not wtf??
Edric Aldones
Edric Aldones 17 napja
Sir Patrick is a famous ladies' man.
Yuumain 17 napja
Best friends with an equally talented gay actor, Sir Ian McKellen
Pia Brown
Pia Brown 17 napja
Me too!!
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
Timo Metsänoja
Timo Metsänoja 17 napja
Jean-Luc Picard... Patrick Stewart is one of the best people around.
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
Lee harry enty
Lee harry enty 17 napja
Make it so
Lee harry enty
Lee harry enty 17 napja
@Jon Thor you are lost, confused or both
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
YJ Wrangler
YJ Wrangler 17 napja
Lasselucidora 17 napja
Amazayn never been so early too!
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
Jada Wayda
Jada Wayda 17 napja
penumbra2020 17 napja
Love him!
baDJa 17 napja
Don’t click the link
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
Катерина Таро
Wow so amzing
Jon Thor
Jon Thor 17 napja
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